Managed Connectivity,
Solution Delivery,

ICC Networking empowers connectivity providers and users while freeing them from traditional IP data networking business models.  Our Framework delivers unified connectivity and a hybrid software platform designed to exceed the needs of any ecosystem while delivering value and sustainability.


ICCN delivers an SMB Layer 2 (WP series) with advanced management and PoE+ while the Enterprise Layer 3 (WX series) ensures multiple speeds (1G/10G) and PoE+ wire-speed performance. All units can be delivered today.

Customer Enablement Through Patented Technology

ICCN solutions increase owner value with enterprise features, flexibility, included management support creating better value while having a Framework architecture that reduces the lifetime cost of ownership.

By increasing network efficiency, reducing contention, and increasing security, the cost of upgrades and security costs are lowered which allows more users and devices to be online.


By pairing patented product, software, and management we can offer a scalable model that’s focused on speed, security, and ultimate control.

Featured Product Categories

Intelligent Edge, Distribution, and Core

Managed Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet Switches

PoE+, Edge, Distribution, and Core

Global Presence

Greater Access and Performance

ICC Networking (ICCN) seeks to connect all peoples, places, and things to enable access and opportunity. With offices in North America, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and The Caribbean, ICCN’s global presence is vital to bridging the digital divide, expanding opportunity, and ensuring sustainability.

To that end, ICCN’s technology Framework, an integrated matrix of specialized wired and wireless connectivity, patented software, integrated services, and open access, allows flexibility and reduced cost. These tools ensure sustainable communication networks.

ICCN’s global team of local experts leverages their knowledge about local business and infrastructure needs, allowing local considerations in all the technologies we design and deliver. This is part of our global Greater Access and Performance (GAP) efforts to create sustainable ecosystems and more access while positively impacting our clients.

Enabling Connectivity

ICCN solutions are designed to be flexible while expanding what is possible with your network.  Designed as a unified platform, the Framework enables enterprises, providers, and end clients with security, scalability, and long-term sustainability. While we use a combination of technologies to deliver secure links and content to the local and federal government, enterprises, and high-density ecosystems, our technology partners enable us to deliver unique solution opportunities that drive value for each ICCN client.