Founded in 2011, ICC Networking (ICCN) is a privately held high-tech manufacturer of IP data networking connectivity hardware and software employing network systems, design, and cybersecurity engineers. We provide connectivity solutions including wireless (TV Whitespace, Wi-Fi, CBRS, and BLE) and wired (Ethernet copper and fiber) designed to bridge the last mile. To that end, ICCN built the Framework, an integrated matrix of connectivity, software, services, and open access for application development. An ICCN Framework builds on our wired and wireless technology and patented software to enable client-selectable interfaces to expand connectivity, network and client value.

ICCN management contributes a diverse IP networking industry background in OEM/ODM and manufacturing, consulting, branded channel marketing, and global partnership development.  The ICCN Board of Directors contributes to the unique business ecosystem leveraging their experiences in global delivery systems, cloud data networks, telecommunications engineering, financial consulting and funding, as well as ODM/OEM manufacturing. Together the management group has built ICCN into a silent yet impactful presence in the IP data networking and connectivity marketplace.

Greater Access and Performance®

ICCN created the Greater Access, and Performance Program to pull together different stakeholders (finance, marketing, edge computing, e-learning, etc.) into a partnership to help connect the under-connected, but more importantly, enable many of these networks to be sustainable and accessible over time.  The goal is to bridge the digital divide and at the same time ensure they are sustainable over time.



Ensuring secure and flexible connectivity for rapid deployment, unified communications, and that transcend physical barriers.

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Public Access

Creating solutions that bridge access gaps and provide communication paths where and when they’re needed.

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Providing powerful technology to empower MDU’s to manage an explosion of data-demanding devices.

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Keith M. Alexis

Amanda Frazier

Salman Qureshi

Bill Perkins