Delivering seamless communication for BYOD, streaming, voice, and other IP traffic

The ICCN AE and ARC Series Access Points provide a host of features to ensure flexibility and value for your networking ecosystem.

ICCN Access Points deliver performance, enhanced features, and capabilities for any mobile network environment. Whether indoors or outdoors, our Access Points will bring connectivity and flexibility to the furthest reaches of your office buildings, multi-tenant units, municipalities, communities, or outdoor operations.

The AE and ARC series are both hyper-intelligent platforms with an integrated full set of features independent from the activeARC CMS cloud system. This ensures 100% investment value without licensing limitations or ongoing costs.

Wi-Fi 5 Value and Performance without compromise

The ARC50 and ARC52 are 802.11ac Wave 2 indoor/outdoor tri-band wireless devices that exceed the requirements for the most demanding IP data networks. Featuring up to 2.2Gbps of performance, these units are designed for a high power output of up to 300mW. These Wave 2 device ensures content delivery using MU-MIMO with 256QAM modulation and up to 6 spatial streams.

These hyper-intelligent devices natively support Captive Portal, multiple security options, monitoring, and a firewall. Combined with an independent power amplifier and a low noise amplifier receive circuit, they ensure reliability in the harshest environments. When implemented with the activeARC Cloud Management System, the ARC series access points are excellent in performance in any network ecosystem.

Wi-Fi 6 Performance without limits

How do I increase value and performance with Wi-Fi 6 in my enterprise?
The ARC60WAP and ARC62WAP deliver performance and efficiency while representing a leap forward for enterprises seeking to advance their use of applications, IoT, security, and features that enhance network value. Featuring dual radios with 4×4 that support narrower subcarrier spacing and longer symbol time for improved stability, distance, and data processing, these new technologies put your enterprise ahead of the competition.

How can I provide the end-to-end data protection that my network needs?
IEEE802.1X is where the ARC60/62WAP APs begin. These new APs support WPA3 w/PSK options as standards but add SPI Firewall and IP, Domain, and MAC filtering to ensure intelligent wireless edge security. While ensuring a seamless network experience, it integrates with the rest of an ICCN activeARC ecosystem for a holistic approach to security.


Why should I consider the ARC Wi-Fi 6 access points?
The ARC60/62WAP access points are built for performance with the ARC60WAP (indoor) and ARC62WAP (outdoor) versions. Adopting up to 1024-QAM Modulation mode, these Wi-Fi 6 devices are more efficient than previous technologies and increase the throughput of each spatial stream. In the meantime, it supports TWT to wake up and sleep activities of terminals in a unified method that reduces conflicts. The orderly processing of each client device creates a more effective way to grow your business in an increasingly intelligent edge device-focused world.


IEEE802.11AF Going beyond line-of-sight

IEEE802.11af TV whitespace refers to radio frequencies allocated to a broadcasting service. The frequency allocation process creates a band plan which, for technical reasons, assigns white space between used radio bands or channels to avoid interference. In this case, while the frequencies are unused, they have been specifically assigned for a purpose, such as a guard band. Most commonly, however, these white spaces exist naturally between used channels since assigning nearby transmissions to immediately adjacent channels will cause destructive interference to both. Like Wi-Fi, TV whitespace is a wireless connection that uses different frequency bands. UHF TV white space operates in 470 to 698 Mhz, while Wi-Fi operates in 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

Wi-Fi 5

AE108-CMS Wi-Fi 5

ICCN’s 802.11ac AE108-CMS delivers indoor performance, enhanced features, and capabilities for any network environment. Designed to be ceiling mounted, these units support 32 SSIDs, VLANs, Captive Portal, and feature the Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS) for advanced flexibility. High-performance networks can leverage the combined speeds up to 867Mbps on 802.11ac and 300Mbps on 802.11n.

ResiRouter Wi-Fi 5

The ResiRouter Wi-Fi is a high-performance Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 1200Mbps mesh router with 3 LAN, 1 WAN, and 1 USB port. Featuring dual-band, high power, 256QAM, and MU-MIMO, the ResiRouter Wi-Fi is ideal for any demanding network environment. The ResiRouter Wi-Fi is easy to set up and includes features like beamforming, adjustable power, and a Wi-Fi analyzer to help you select the best channels for the best performance.

Wi-Fi 5 WAVE 2

AE201-CMS Wi-Fi 5

The AE201-CMS mini-access points provide powerful 802.11ac Wave 2 performance in a small package. Designed for desktop, in-resident, and MDUs, these wireless access points feature 14 SSIDS, VLANs, multiple security modes, guest access, and routing that’s content-aware.

ARC50-6WAP Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2

ARC50 access points address requirements for the most demanding of IP data networks. The ARC50 supports 300mW transmit power, beamforming, and Airtime Fairness to ensure device priority.  Featuring an indoor tri-band, multi-client policy levels of security, MU-MIMO for enhanced performance, and enterprise features for high-density networks, makes the solution viable for many years to come supporting 2.2Gbps of total bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 6

ResiRouterWF6 Wi-Fi 6

The ResiRouterWF6 provides power and performance of 1024QAM to produce up to 1.8Gbps for IoT, virtual reality, and up to 8K streaming. This Wi-Fi 6 router delivers an OFDM symbol transmission mechanism with a 2Mhz narrowband transmission, reducing packet loss and interference.

The ARC Series of outdoor access points deliver industry-leading performance, flexibility, and innovation for the most demanding networks. Delivering both Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 (11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) options, users enjoy high power, beamforming, seamless roaming, airtime fairness, and other capabilities designed to ensure stable and secure connections within the ICCN IP data framework.

Management is included:
ICCN designed the ARC series for high-performance in demanding networks, but also for long-term value.  You no longer have to bother with ongoing licensing costs and the ARC series products can be used with all features. Moreover, larger networks can manage their environments and realize full return-on-investment with the included 5-year licensing for the cloud management system.

Mix and match legacy with cutting-edge wireless while ensuring value, performance, and sustainability for all your network requirements.

ARC52 Wi-Fi 5 WAVE 2 Tri-Band Outdoor AP/Bridge

Designed for outdoor use, the ARC52 provides flexibility with an IP67 enclosure, MU-MIMO over Wave 2 technology that adopts a 256QAM. The ARC series APs also support beamforming, airtime fairness, band steering, and OFDM for a network-wide support fabric.

ARC52-KIT Wi-Fi 5 Tri-band Outdoor AP with four (4) 6dBi antennas

The ARC52-KIT is a Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 outdoor tri-band PtP/PtMP MU-MIMO access point, including four (4) high-performance 6dBi omnidirectional antennas. The ARC52-KIT provides an outdoor tri-band point-to-point/point-to-multipoint access point for multiple locations while ensuring performance featuring MU-MIMO over high-speed links.


Point-to-multipoint TV Whitespace cognitive radio featuring flexible transmit power (20dBm on the ARC80 and 35dBm on the ARC82) OFDM, high rejection filtering, DHCP, QoS, and built-in GPS to support up to 10 miles (17km) connectivity. Supports 470-698MHz RF Bands (up to 670MHz for CE). Performance is complemented by advanced AES-256, SHA-1 Authentication, and TLS levels of security. Supports multi-mode as a base or remote CPE station

ICCN’s IEEE802.11af point-to-multipoint solution offers both a low and high-powered, ultra-long distance, and high-performance Base Station/CPE network device utilizing latest the TVWS(802.11af) technology.

Point-to-Multipoint Non-line-of-sight over harsh environments

ARC80TVWS/ARC82TVWS’s stability has been proven through a country’s Central Bank payment network for the Central Bank Digital Currency project.

Key Features

  • Supports latest 802.11af TVWS protocol
  • Can be interconnected with existing network devices
  • Utilizes unlicensed band
  • Provides enterprise security including TLS, AES, and SHA-1 Authentication

Configured to best support Video/Audio/Data communication and remote reading and control of M2M/IoT services.

  • It Covers Max 20KM, ultra long-distance communication.
  • At AP mode, it provides 1:N communications.
  • Supports a console control of 802.11n AP
  • Provides remote updates based on OTA (Over The Air).
  • Supports NMS based on SNMP V2/3

Product Compatibility

ARC80/82 is seamlessly interoperable with, IEEE 802.11af protocol that it can work with ICCN’s activeSONOR management solutions and 3rd party applications.

Antenna options for outdoor communication