Delivering seamless communication for BYOD, streaming, voice, and other IP traffic

Access Points Enable Far-Reaching Connectivity

The ICCN AE Series and ARC Series Access Points offer a host of features to offer flexibility and reduced cost to your networking ecosystem.

Our Access Points delivery performance, enhanced features, and capabilities for any mobility network environment. Whether indoors or outdoors, our Access Points will bring connectivity and flexibility to the furthest reaches of your office buildings, multi-tenant units, municipalities, communities, or outdoor operations.

Designed for a high degree of flexibility, the Wi-Fi 5 (AE) and Wi-Fi 6 (ARC) series of indoor wireless access points are ideal for growing environments while leveraging ICCN’s included central cloud management of the activeARC CMS.

In addition to maximizing flexibility, the AE and ARC Series provide various software controls for content, increased device visibility, tracking, and the ability to monetize users. These new features ensure usability and efficiency leading to more users and applications that can use the wireless network.

Wi-Fi 5

AE108-CMS Wi-Fi 5

ICCN’s 802.11ac AE108-CMS delivers indoor performance, enhanced features, and capabilities for any network environment. Designed to be ceiling mounted, these units support 32 SSIDs, VLANs, Captive Portal, and feature the Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS) for advanced flexibility. High-performance networks can
leverage the combined speeds up to 867Mbps on 802.11ac and 300Mbps on 802.11n.

Wi-Fi 5 WAVE 2

AE201-CMS Wi-Fi 5

The AE201-CMS mini-access points provide powerful 802.11ac Wave 2 performance in a small package. Designed for desktop, in-resident, and MDUs, these wireless access points feature 14 SSIDS, VLANs, multiple security modes, guest access, and routing that’s content-aware.

ARC50-6WAP Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2

ARC50 access points address requirements for the most demanding of IP data networks. Featuring an indoor tri-band, multi-client policy levels of security, MU-MIMO for enhanced performance, and enterprise features for high-density networks, makes the solution viable for many years to come supporting 2.2Gbps of total bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 6

ARC60WAP Wi-Fi 6

ARC60-WAP indoor Wi-Fi 6 access point provides security with high efficiency ensuring connectivity in a diverse wireless environment.  Featuring WPA3 security, MU-MIMO with DL/UL-OFMDA for enhanced performance to drive value in the small and medium business.

The ARC Series of outdoor access points deliver industry-leading performance, flexibility, and innovation for the most demanding networks. Delivering both Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 (11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) options, users enjoy high power, beamforming, seamless roaming, airtime fairness, and other capabilities designed to ensure stable and secure connections within the ICCN IP data framework.

Management is included:
ICCN designed the ARC series for high-performance in demanding networks, but also for long-term value.  You no longer have to bother with ongoing licensing costs and the ARC series products can be used with all features. Moreover, larger networks can manage their environments and realize full return-on-investment with the included 5-year licensing for the cloud management system.

Mix and match legacy with cutting-edge wireless while ensuring value, performance, and sustainability for all your network requirements.

ARC51 Wi-Fi 5 Dual-Band Outdoor AP/Bridge

ICCN’s ARC51-4WAP provides MU-MIMO and Wave 2 combined with seamless roaming as the start to a long list of enterprise features. This AP supports up to 2.2 Gbps over 3 radios, gigabit Ethernet ports, 300mW high gain to support RF over a 3dBi MIMO antenna system.

ARC52 Wi-Fi 5 WAVE 2 Tri-Band Outdoor AP/Bridge

Designed for outdoor use, the ARC52 provides flexibility with an IP67 enclosure, MU-MIMO over Wave 2 technology that adopts a 256QAM. The ARC series APs also support beamforming, airtime fairness, band steering, and OFDM for a network-wide support fabric.

ARC62WAP Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor AP/Bridge

ARC62WAP 4×4 MU-MIMO outdoor access points provide harsh environment protection and wireless coverage while ensuring secure access and connectivity. Access, security, and VLAN support ensure multiple connection streams are seamlessly supported.