activeARC CMS – Administration

Account Settings, Find Devices, Set Notifications, Invite Users, and view Licenses:

The Account Settings section gives you the ability to enter basic information about your organization including address, email, and password for the activeARC CMS.

The Find Devices section shows you a list of all devices configured within this user account. Using ?Site? link in the second column, a user can go to that respective site. Devices Status shows 3 possible states of a device ?Online?, ?Offline? and ?Waiting?.??

activeARCsends notifications to the user if any devices go offline and when they come back online. This page is only visible to the owner account. From here you can enable or disable this feature for all managers of the site(s). If this feature is disabled (off) then managers of the respective site will not be notified with offline devices status. ?

Invite Users:

The activeARC CMS is a tenant-based system that allows you to add more child accounts under your parent account. This features provides flexibility in user roles in a multiuser environment. There are currently three levels or roles provided.

  • Owner (most privileged)
  • Manager (adequate privileges)
  • Viewer (less privileges)

When you create an account during licensing of an enterprise company, the owner account must be tied to the email domain like ‘’ ICCN admins will add those owner accounts using the admin panel and then owners can register using respective email defined in owner accounts. The owner can add, delete sites configure and add devices.

Owner can then invite users based on the remaining two roles.

Manager can register using the email to which they are invited and a domain based email is not necessary. A manager-level authorized person can see sites to which they have manager rights and cannot add/delete sites but is allowed to configure and add devices.

A Viewer can register using the email from which they’re invited. A Viewer set up can only view sites and monitor information. Viewers cannot add/delete sites or add or configure devices.

License Info:

activeARC CMS license page shows licensing details for your account. You have the flexibility of associating any license to a particular site.

The Max devices shows the total allowed devices of particular license.

Provisioned devices columns show the count of provisioned devices with respective licenses.