activeARC CMS – How to upgrade device firmware

ICCN’s activeARC CMS firmware upgrade process allows a group of devices to be updated immediately or schedule for a later date and time. All firmware options for a specific ICCN device are all present on the cloud server by default. This removes the hassle of uploading the firmware to the cloud by the client.

You will be able to update the firmware as soon as it is available on the cloud. As mentioned, there are two processes available to upgrade the firmware on your devices.

  1. Update Now
  2. Schedule Update

Update Now:

The Update Now feature allows you to update the provisioned APs in a group immediately. It can take 5-6 Minutes depending upon internet speed and the number of APs needing to be updated.

NOTE: An Alarm for the firmware update will be received for the APs that are provisioned.


  • Log into your administration screen and click on Configuration then click System Configuration and then Firmware Update
  • Once in Update Firmware, you can select the Group name you?d like to update. Please confirm that you click on the “Show Configuration” button right next to the group selection drop-down option. Make sure ?Update Now? is selected and click ?Save settings?
  • You will be asked to confirm your selection

Once completed, you’ll be prompted to go to the APPLY SETTINGS navigation tab. This ensures that you can initiate all management items after you’ve configured different settings as you’d like.

Once in the APPLY SETTINGS, you will notice that your specific group is in yellow and awaiting your final click to apply settings.

Schedule Update:

This feature allows the user to update provisioned APs in a group at a particular date and time unattended.

First, follow the same path to Firmware update (Configuration-System Configuration-Firmware update)

Click on the Schedule update radio button and a new window will present you with options to schedule day/time/hour/minutes.

Note: Make sure that the site time is correctly configured otherwise the firmware will not upgrade at the time you think it should.

Once you cycle through the selections of date/time/hours/minutes, you can click the Save button.

You then click the Save settings button to save the configuration.

Once completed you must go to APPLY SETTINGS to initiate the controlled session.