activeARC® Ecosystem

Intelligent, Control, Connect

IP data networks consist of more than the sum of their parts – not including the content they carry, the policies they enforce, and the various performance that drive connectivity requirements.

An activeARC® ecosystem consists of different management and monitoring layers providing various levels of visibility, management, and monitoring based on your requirement. The ecosystem is made up of Connections we make, Content we carry, and Intelligence we use to Control all of it.

ICCN platforms start at the edge with intelligence and power

activeARC® CMS

ICCN’s activeARC® CMS is a robust centralized device, content, and access
management platform. Focused on Wi-Fi indoor or outdoor solutions, this platform addresses the specialized needs driving 802.11 Wi-Fi technology adoption while ensuring modularity of features for a hyper-intelligent network edge.

activeARC® CMS clients can scale networks from small to large enterprise without limitations. The system provides a layered approach to UAD wireless deployments since each deployed device can be controlled using different management tools. activeARC® CMS is the ultimate hybrid environment allowing cloud-controlled management to be extended into cloud wireless management and access control.

Scalable hyper-intelligent mobility ecosystems

ICCN’s activeARC CMS is designed for simplicity, secure access and virtual control of the wireless infrastructure to deploy advanced features for access, device management, content control, application optimization, security, and a host of features that support an intelligent wireless edge network design.

  • Device Provisioning
  • Zero touch Deployment
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Customer Account Management
  • Cloud Service User Management
  • Device Firmware management
  • Radio/VLAN/QoS Configuration
  • DHCP and Captive Portal
  • Client Device
  • Monitoring Device
  • UADOS – AE, AX, and ARC series
  • Unified Wi-Fi & TVWS
  • Secure & Separated Guest Access
  • Global Deployment Strategy
  • Site/Group/Tenant Creation
  • HTTPS Secure Connection
  • Email Notifications
  • Device inventory management
  • Access Point
  • NAT/Router
  • Basic Firewall
  • Multi-tenant System
  • Industry-leading Cloud Security
  • Resilient Cloud System
  • Securely Segregate Device Access
  • activeARC CMS Included in Purchase of Device for 5 Years
  • Seamless Transition as New Technology Devices are Added to the Network


Network monitoring has never been easier as it is with activeSONOR®. Designed to be flexible, activeSONOR® is the heartbeat of any network to constantly monitor your ICCN IP data ecosystem for device, content, and any connectivity issues.  Designed to monitor the health of the network this system uses various methods to accomplish its management tasks by leveraging ICCN’s suite of activeAPI® interfaces.

activeSONOR® projects its presences into the network allowing various devices to be seen, issues identified and resolutions to be quickly made.  Built on the premise of understanding every level of the network ecosystem, activeSONOR® actively manages network and WAN health while tracking potential new issues based on your defined parameters.  You can review your Global network, regional performance, local optimization requirements resolve to the on-premise unit device.

activeSONOR® was designed to meet the needs of any ICCN client, channel partner, enterprise and service provider network.  This multi-tenant system allows for flexibility, inventory control and validated reporting for audits, measured access based on user security level and many other features.

Designed as a living ecosystem driven by the needs of our clients, ICCN updates, adds features and capabilities quite frequently.  New features and flexibility ensure that the platform remains a vital part of your toolset.

Monitor performance requirements and network incidents in an ICCN network. Ensure performance with bandwidth, usage, port status, connection, and Power-over-Ethernet.

activeSONOR® provides system status checks, warnings, and alerts for a variety of critical actions. ICCN continues to expand capabilities while ensuring initial investment without additional charges for use of the system.


activeGUEST provides a set of simple-to-use tools to provide user-facing portals or interfaces for a variety of purposes. Many access management features include:

  • Portals for secure password and encryption
  • Enable connected device different policy levels that can dictate user experiences and network performance
  • Facility engagement for billing and other services by third-party groups
  • Security authentication, AAA, Radius, and other methods based on facility protocols
  • Device geo-tracking and shared access between locations
  • Timed network usage for visitors


activeGUEST enables many other access management features with potentially customizable options based on environment and client type.


activeAPI framework provides an interlocking communication tool allowing various components of our management ecosystems to work together, other systems, integrate with AI and ML while providing a standard for integration into client systems.  These downloadable interfaces provide forward-looking strategies and opensource flexibility for features including:

  • Platform independent reporting across ICCN’s management ecosystems of SNMP, MQTT, TR069, and other future platforms
  • Selective network tracking based on reporting analytics for operational efficiencies
  • Greater IT control of information and access to network data
  • Enables development of client-run management ecosystems
  • Downloadable applications and tools for client integration
  • Redundancy and storage integration of historical data
  • AI and ML matrices for comparative analysis

activeAPI will continue to develop as we open our ecosystems to developers seeking greater control over an open-source and less proprietary IP data networking ecosystem.  These integrated or downloadable applications enable client efficiency and management.