Adding New Devices in activeARC CMS – How to add a new device

Adding a new device to the activeARC CMS

From the dashboard you’ve selected the ‘Site’, you’d like to add the new device into. In this case, it’s My Company with contact Joe Owner.
Select how you’ll be adding your new ICCN wireless devices but reviewing your options in the ‘Add New Device’ section.

Adding via a MAC Address
All ICCN MAC Address look like F8:F7:d3:xx:xx:xx and can be found on the rear of the device or the box the device came in.
NOTE: Since all our devices can be managed individually, you can log into the Web GUI (default GUI login is IP: / username: admin / password:admin).? Remember, DO NOT make any settings directly into the unit or the cloud system will override them. These highly flexible devices allow for standalone use IF the activeARC CMS is not being used.? In this case, just retrieve the MAC Address and log out.

  1. Add the MAC Address of your device
  2. Selection the Device Type (ICX10, ICX20, AcrOne, etc.)
  3. Type in a Host Name (optional)
  4. AP Location Name (optional but helpful to position each AP, especially if someone else is doing the installation)
  5. Select the appropriate license
  6. Select the group name that this device belongs to (this is helpful because you can set different policies by group)

Adding via a Public IP Address
Adding a Public IP to your unit is very simple.? Once you’ve decided on how your?IP address is to be designed, you can add the PUBLIC IP ADDRESS? to the system and click ‘ADD.’