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AT&T activeARC? Series Access Points

Setup and Configuration Questions
What is the default IP address for the access points?

Some Wi-Fi vendors do not include AC power supplies. Do the AT&T activeARC? Series APs ship with power supplies?

Yes, all ARC Series access points ship with working power supplies.

What options are there for managing the access points?

ARC Series access points can be managed either by the
Command Line Interface (CLI) or by a
Graphical User Interface (GUI).

What are the modes used by the AT&T activeARC? Series access points?

All access points can be configured into FIT or FAT modes.
FIT mode means that the AP MUST be centrally
managed and connected to an active500EM Access Control System.
FAT mode means that the AP can be used as a stand-alone
AP as a non-controlled.

What is the default username and password?

Defautl username is 'admin' and password is 'admin'
(note: once you change these settings you should keep a
copy in a safe place should you need to log into the units again).

I’ve been using a set of ARC Series access points in FAT mode and now wich to add the active500EM controller, do I need to change the mode of the access points?

Yes, you will need to change each access point from FAT
(stand-alone) mode to FIT (controller managed) mode
 before initiating the active500EM. Note: Please contact
 us for large deployment assistance.

How many SSIDs are supported on each access point?

ARC1000MAP supports 16 SSIDs
ARC2000MAP supports 32 SSIDs

Is there more than one way to upgrade firmware?

Yes, you can use HTTP or TFTP to upgrade firmware.

What is the port configuration of the ARC Series access points?

There are a total of 5 connection points on the access points.
1 port for Lock, 1 port for DC 12v power, 1 Power-over-Ethernet LAN port,
1 Reset port, and 1 Console port.

Rear view of access point


Image of access point lights for ARC2000MAP

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