Whitespace and Wi-Fi going beyond traditional wireless connectivity

ICCN and MSC – Bridging WLAN and WWAN

The United Nations estimates that two-thirds of the world’s population lack adequate broadband connectivity.? The inability to connect individuals has been the cost but also the ability of wireless technologies to reach into various locations in a cost-efficient manner.? Satellite, LTE, millimeter wave and other technologies are hindered by Line-of-Sight requirements as well as being cost prohibitive.
ICC Networking and Metric Systems Corporation collaboration brings an industry-first all-wireless platform for indoor, outdoor, long distance, and Non-Line-of-Sight deployments.? This single wireless ecosystem enables long distance VHF/UHF spectrum use for last mile and backhaul (15-25 miles) applications while seamlessly integrating into mid-range outdoor and indoor managed enterprise 802.11 client connectivity options.

About Whitespace

Lower frequency signals by nature travel further than high-frequency signals (it?s physics).
White space, or buffer channels, refers to the unused channels between the VHF and UHF spectrum.? In the pre-cable era, when over-the-air broadcasts ruled the day, these buffers were used to prevent broadcasters from interfering with one another. We all know how prevalent over-the-air broadcasting is now; today this spectrum is mostly unused.
This limited spectrum offers very particular value for carriers and large clients including:

  • Operation in the VHF and UHF bands without having to purchase spectrum
  • Superior RF reach and coverage in non-line of sight (NLOS) environments. Go through or around building, valleys, over water, etc.
  • Up to 5 times the range, coverage and penetration for urban and in particular rural settings compared to Wi-Fi or Wi-Max
  • Spectrum Agility and OFDM waveform capability increases throughput and avoids on-air interference
  • Scalable payload capacity to respond to coverage and capacity demands
  • MSC/ICCN patented Spectrum Management Engine, authorized FCC Database vendors, to assure continuous link reliability

Breaking Barriers

VHF/UHF spectrum penetrates effectively across various environments.? This spectrum use is ideal for providing redundancy and primary infrastructure for public safety, security, building monitoring and control. Because UHF/VHF can penetrate numerous non-metallic barriers, ?they are ideal for tunnels, subways, and other transportation environments as well as for use with security and control applications especially when matched with battery back-up systems.
The potential applications of TVWS are vast and include but not limited to:

For broadband connectivity

  • Rural Internet
  • Cable replacement (e.g., cable-less roll out, etc.)
  • Private networks
  • Fast deployment (e.g., during disaster, ad-hoc events)

For IoT/M2M connectivity

  • Smart grid
  • Smart street lighting
  • Smart buildings
  • Industry 4.0
  • Precision agriculture

Potential applications are only limited by our imagination!

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Whitespace for Broadband and Backhaul

Whitespace can enable connectivity for small towns, rural communities, agricultural projects, marinas, while still accommodating IoT and M2M in dense locations where spectrum is scare.

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