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ICCN launches new Cloud Management System Interface

ICC Networking (ICCN) launches the new interface for the activeARC Cloud Management System. The new interface provides clients with easier access to their Wi-Fi network details, connected users, and device information. The new graphical user interface gives the user the ability to more easily set up security, set groups, and change interface views based on […]

activeARC CMS – How to upgrade device firmware

ICCN’s activeARC CMS firmware upgrade process allows a group of devices to be updated immediately or schedule for a later date and time. All firmware options for a specific ICCN device are all present on the cloud server by default. This removes the hassle of uploading the firmware to the cloud by the client. You […]

activeARC CMS – Administration

Account Settings, Find Devices, Set Notifications, Invite Users, and view Licenses: The Account Settings section gives you the ability to enter basic information about your organization including address, email, and password for the activeARC CMS. The Find Devices section shows you a list of all devices configured within this user account. Using ?Site? link in […]

activeARC CMS: Account Registration

How to register your first account The first step in creating an activeARC Cloud Management System account is to make sure you’re using support or generic company email. We suggest not using a personal email for security reasons. Once you decide on the email address you can use for the system to register your User […]

Device List in activeARC CMS – Understanding the device list in the activeARC CMS

How the activeARC CMS works with Devices and the Device List The Device List page shows all the MAC addresses which have been added via MAC or Public IP Addresses as well as their current provisioning status. How does the connection between the activeARC CMS and ICCN managed device actually happen?? Here’s an example: On […]

Adding New Devices in activeARC CMS – How to add a new device

Adding a new device to the activeARC CMS From the dashboard you’ve selected the ‘Site’, you’d like to add the new device into. In this case, it’s My Company with contact Joe Owner. Select how you’ll be adding your new ICCN wireless devices but reviewing your options in the ‘Add New Device’ section.   Adding […]

Dashboard in activeARC CMS – Understanding the Dashboard

About the activeARC CMS Dashboard The activeARC?CMS Dashboard is a simple view of the overall status of the communication network. The dashboard provides quick network monitoring and status checks in the ?Site Statistics? section. The Green circle indicates the number of sites that have all the Access Points online and responding to the activeARC CMS. […]

Getting Started: Installing your first UAD on the activeARC CMS

Installing your Unified Access Device with your new activeARC Cloud Management System Congratulations, you’ve purchased an ICCN ICX Unified Access Device wireless product.? Now you’re looking to get it set up on the service provider cloud system called activeARC Cloud Management System.? Follow the simple instructions below.   STEP 1: Register your product online You […]