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WP6000 Series – QoS Configuration

?1?Quality of Service (QoS) Configuration You will find the QoS configuration section in the Web GUI along the left navigation bar. To enable per-port QoS, simply select the port you’d like to configure. Select the QoS Type you’d like to enable on that port Select the User Priority for traffic on that port Click Apply […]

WP6000 Series – MAC Binding

?1?MAC binding configuration page MAC binding configuration allows the user to reserve static IP assignments for a client. The WP6000 series support both port and MAC address binding. First, select the port and then enter the MAC address to be bound, VLAN ID entry is used to enter the MAC address of VLAN.? Manually select […]

WP6000 Series – MAC Filtering

?1?MAC filtering configuration page MAC filtering allows network administrators to limit access to the network by enabling or not enabling specific MAC addresses.?? The WP6000 series provide both a manual or automated method for enabling these features. First, select the port to be configured and then manually enter the MAC address to be filtered.? Manually […]

WP6000 Series – Port Configuration

Port Configuration ?1?Common Configuration (Port configuration/Show) The Common Configuration (port config.) page provides at-a-glance details about each port of the WP6000 series switch.  The port configuration page provides port controls including enabling/disabling a port, setting port speed, and the ability of the port to auto-negotiate speeds. To configure a specific port simply select the port […]

WP6000 Series – Getting Started

To start a web user session the user must log into the WP6000 series switch by confirming the following: For initial configuration, you may connect directly to the switch once the PC is within the same IP address range as the switch The switch VLAN1 interface IP address is The subnet mask is […]