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ICCN Launches TVWS and Unified Wi-Fi Solution

Hyperconnectivity is driven by an increase in the number of IP-based devices, reduced cost for internet access, and the migration to a cloud-based technology architecture. There will be over 50 Billion devices on the internet by 2020 and that number will only continue to expand. Therefore, ICCN and Metric Systems Corporation use collaborative, patented technologies […]

ICCN signs Accu-Tech as a distribution partner

ICC Networking recently signed Accu-Tech as a national distribution partner. Accu-Tech is a national distributor of Voice, Data, AV, Wireless and Security solutions. We distribute and deliver complete and integrated solutions for a variety of applications. Partnering with Accu-Tech provides you with the peace-of-mind that the systems installed in your facility will be high-performance and […]

Commands for WAPI authentication access

Table of Contents 21. Commands for WAPI authentication and access 21.1 Commands for global configuration 21.1.1 wapi enable 21.1.2 wapi authentication-server 21.1.3 wapi authentication-server timeout 21.1.4 wapi authentication-server retransmit 21.1.5 wapi certificate-format 21.1.6 wapi certificate-mode 21.1.7 snmp-server enable traps wapi 21.2 Commands for network configuration 21.2.1 security mode 21.2.2 wapi authentication-server 21.2.3 wapi bk-refresh-rate 21.2.4 […]

Commands for PPoE server

Table of Contents Commands for PPPoE Server 20.1 debug pppoe-server 20.2 interface virtual-template 20.3 ip address 20.4 ip pppoe pool pool-name 20.5 max-terminate-request 20.6 no pppoe-server session 20.7 ppp account-statistics enable 20.8 ppp authentication-mode 20.9 ppp ipcp dns 20.10 ppp lcp max-echo-interval 20.11 ppp lcp max-echo-request 20.12 ppp lcp mru 20.13 ppp negotiate-timeout 20.14 pppoe-server […]

Commands for WDS

Table of Contents Commands for WDS 19.1 AC configuration command 19.1.1 wds-group 19.1.2 group-name <name> 19.1.3 password 19.1.4 password encrypted 19.1.5 spanning-tree 19.1.6 ap [spanning-tree priority] 19.1.7 wds-ap-link srcap radio dstap radio 19.1.8 peer-switch configuration wds-group 19.2 Only configured on the controller 19.2.1 wireless wds-group network configure 19.2.2 wireless wds-group network change-password 19.2.3 wireless wds-group […]

Commands for location function

Table of Contents 18. Commands for location function 18.1 device-location rf-scan 18.2 device-location rf-scan-interval 18.3 device-location building 18.4 description 18.5 floor 18.6 ap xy-coordinate 18.7 description 18.8 show wireless device-location 18.9 show wireless device-location building 18.10 show wireless device-location building floor 18.11 show wireless device-location building floor ap 18.12 show wireless device-location {ap | client} […]

Commands for license control

Table of Contents 17. Commands for license control 17.1 copy license 17.2 show license 17.3 show device information 17.1 copy license Command: copy license <source-url> <destination-url> Function: Install license to the controller. Parameters: <source-url>: source path of license file. <destination-url>: the copied destination path of license file. Command mode: Admin User Configuration Mode Default: None. […]

Commands for force-roaming

Table of Contents 16. Commands for force-roaming 16.1 debug wireless client force-roaming internal-info 16.2 force-roaming denial-count 16.3 force-roaming denial-timeout 16.4 force-roaming hysteresis 16.5 force-roaming mode auto 16.6 force-roaming mode auto interval 16.7 force-roaming rssi-threshold 16.8 wireless force-roaming start 16.9 show wireless client force-roaming candidate ap status 16.10 show wireless client force-roaming status 16.1 debug wireless […]

Commands for time-limit policy

Table of Contents 15. Commands for time-limit policy 15.1 show wireless time-limit ap-profile 15.2 show wireless time-limit ssid 15.3 show wireless vap status ssid 15.4 time-limit (network configuration mode) 15.5 time-limit (radio configuration mode) 15.6 time-limit-UTC (network configuration mode) 15.7 time-limit-UTC (radio configuration mode) 15.1 show wireless time-limit ap-profile Command: show wireless time-limit ap-profile [<1-1024> […]

Commands for load-balance

Table of Contents 14. Commands for load-balance 14.1 ap load-balance template 14.2 debug wireless load-balance internal 14.3 load-balance 14.4 load-balance denial 14.5 load-balance session window threshold 14.6 load-balance template 14.7 load-balance traffic window threshold 14.8 show wireless ap profile 14.9 show wireless load-balance denial-time 14.10 show wireless load-balance template 14.1 ap load-balance template Command: ap […]