Commands For Flow-based Redirection

5.2 Commands for Flow-based Redirection

5.2.1 access-group redirect to interface ethernet

Command: access-group <aclname> redirect to interface [ [ethernet] <IFNAME> ] no access-group <aclname> redirect
Function: Specify flow-based redirect. The no command deletes flow-based redirect.

  • <aclname>: name of the flow only supports digital standard IP ACL, digital extensive IP ACL, named standard IP ACL, named extensive IP ACL, digital standard IPv6 ACL, and name standard IPv6 ACL. Parameters of Timerange and Portrange cannot be set in ACL. The type of ACL should be Permit.
  • <IFNAME>: the destination port of redirect.

Command mode: Physical Port Configuration Mode
Usage guide: The no command is used to delete the flow-based redirect. The flow-based redirect function enables the switch to transmit the data frames which meet special conditions to another specified port.
Examples: Redirect the frames whose source IP is received from port 1 to port 6.

active500EM(config)#access-list 1 permit host
active500EM(config)#interface ethernet 1/0/1
active500EM(config-if-ethernet1/0/1)# access-group 1 redirect to interface ethernet 1/0/6


5.2.2 show flow-based-redirect

Command: show flow-based-redirect [interface [ethernet] <IFNAME>] Function: Display the information of current flow-based redirect in the system/port.

  • If no port is specified, the information relating to all flow-based redirection in the system will display.
  • <IFNAME>: identifies specific ports for displaying flow-based redirect information configured in the ports listed in the interface-list.

Command mode: Admin Mode and Configuration Mode
Default: None.
Usage guide: This command is used to display the information of the current flow-based redirect in the system or through a specific port.
Examples: Display the information of the current flow-based redirect in the system/port.

active500EM(config)#show flow-based-redirect
Flow-based-redirect config on interface ethernet 1/0/1: RX flow
(access-list 1) is redirected to interface Ethernet1/0/6


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