Commands For Gratuitous Arp Configuration

6.6 Commands for Gratuitous ARP Configuration

6.6.1 ip gratuitous-arp

Command: ip gratuitous-arp [<interval-time>] no ip gratuitous-arp
Function: Enable gratuitous ARP and specify an update interval for gratuitous ARPs. The no command will disable the gratuitous ARP configuration.

  • <interval-time>: update interval for gratuitous ARP with a value limit between 5 and 1200 seconds. The default value is 300 seconds.

Command mode: Global Configuration Mode and Interface Configuration Mode
Default: Gratuitous ARP is disabled.
Usage guide: When configuring gratuitous ARP in global Configuration Mode, the Layer 3 interfaces in the switch will be enabled to send gratuitous ARP requests. If gratuitous ARP is configured in Interface Configuration Mode, the specified interface is able to send gratuitous ARP requests. When configuring the gratuitous ARP, the update interval configuration (from Interface Configuration Mode) has higher preference than Global Configuration Mode.
Example: Enable gratuitous ARP in Global Configuration Mode and set the update interval to 400 seconds.

active500EM(config)#ip gratuitous-arp 400

Enable gratuitous ARP for interface VLAN 10 and set the update interval to 350 seconds.

active500EM(config)#interface vlan 10
active500EM(config-if-vlan10)#ip gratuitous-arp 350


6.6.2 show ip gratuitous-arp

Command: show ip gratuitous-arp [interface vlan <vlan-id>] Function: Display configuration information for gratuitous ARP.

  • <vlan-id>: the VLAN ID. The valid range for <vlan-id> is between 1 and 4094.

Command mode: All Configuration Modes
Default: None.
Usage Guide: In all Configuration Modes, the command ?show ip gratuitous arp? will display information about the gratuitous ARP configuration in Global and Interface Configuration Mode. The command ?show ip gratuitous-arp interface vlan <vlan-id>? will display information about the gratuitous ARP configuration for the specified VLAN interface.
Example: Display information about the gratuitous ARP configuration in both Global and Interface Configuration Modes.

active500EM#show ip gratuitous-arp
Gratuitous ARP send is Global enabled, Interval-Time is 300(s)
Gratuitous ARP send enabled interface VLAN information:
Name        Interval-Time(seconds)
Vlan1       400
Vlan10      350

Display gratuitous ARP configuration information about interface VLAN 10.

active500EM#show ip gratuitous-arp interface VLAN 10
Gratuitous ARP send interface Vlan10 information:
Name         Interval-Time(seconds)
Vlan10       350


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