Commands For Jumbo Configuration

2.7 Commands for JUMBO

2.7.1 jumbo enable

Command: jumbo enable [<mtu-value>] no jumbo enable
Function: Enable the mtu receiving function. The no command restores to the normal frame range of 64?1518.

  • <mtu-value>: the MTU value of frames that can be received, in bytes, ranging from 1500 to 9000, The corresponding frame size is <1518/1522-9018/9022>. Without setting this parameter, the allowed max frame size is 9018/9022.

Default: Jumbo function not enabled.
Command mode: Global Mode
Usage guide: Set both ends of the switch as jumbo. Otherwise, the jumbo frame will be dropped.
Example: Enable the jumbo function of the switch.

active500EM(config)#jumbo enable


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