Commands For Voice Vlan Configuration

3.3 Commands for Voice VLAN Configuration

3.3.1 show voice-vlan

Command: show voice-vlan
Function: Display the configuration status of the Voice VLAN on the switch.
Parameters: None.
Command mode: Admin Mode and other Configuration Mode
Default: None.
Usage guide: Display Voice VLAN Configuration.
Example: Display the Current Voice VLAN Configuration.

active500EM#show voice-vlan
Voice VLAN ID:2
Voice name      MAC-Address	       Mask      Priority
------------	-----------------      -------   --------
financePhone    00-e0-4c-77-ab-9d      0xff      5
manager         00-0a-eb-26-8d-f3      0xfe      6
Lee             00-03-0f-11-22-33      0x80      5
NULL            00-03-0f-11-22-33      0x0       5


3.3.2 switchport voice-vlan enable

Command: switchport voice-vlan enable
no switchport voice-vlan enable
Function: Enable the voice VLAN function on the port. The no command disables the voice VLAN function on the port.
Parameters: None.
Command mode: Port Mode
Default: Voice VLAN is enabled.
Usage guide: When voice equipment is added to the voice VLAN, the voice VLAN is enabled globally by default. This command disables voice VLAN on a specified port to meet a specific user application.
Example: Disable the voice VLAN function on port3.

active500EM(config)#interface ethernet 1/0/3
active500EM(config-if-ethernet1/0/3)#no switchport voice-vlan enable


3.3.3 voice-vlan

Command: voice-vlan mac <mac-address> mask <mac-mask> priority <priority-id> [name <voice-name>] no voice-vlan {mac <mac-address> mask <mac-mask> | name <voice-name> | all}
Function: Specify certain voice equipment to join the voice VLAN. The no command removes the equipment from the voice VLAN.

  • <mac-address>: the voice equipment MAC address, shown in ?xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx? format.
  • <mac-mask>: the last eight digits of the mask code of the MAC address. The valid values are: 0xff, 0xfe, 0xfc, 0xf8, 0xf0, 0xe0, 0xc0,0x80, and 0x0.
  • <priority-id>: the priority of the voice traffic. The valid range is 0?7.
  • <voice-name>: name of the voice equipment, which facilitates the equipment management.
  • all: indicates all the MAC addresses of the voice equipment.

Command mode: Global Mode
Default: This command will add identified voice equipment to the voice VLAN. If a non VLAN labeled data packet from the specified voice equipment enters through the switch port, then regardless of the port of entry, it will belong to the voice VLAN. The command will not interfere with the VLAN label packets.
Usage guide: Specify certain voice equipment to join the voice VLAN.
Example: Add 256 sets of R&D department voice equipment pieces with MAC addresses ranging from 00-03-0f-11-22-00 to 00-03-0f-11-22-ff to the voice VLAN.

active500EM(config)#voice-vlan vlan 100
active500EM(config)#voice-vlan mac 00-03-0f-11-22-00 mask 0 priority 5 name test


3.3.4 voice-vlan vlan

Command: voice-vlan vlan <vlan-id>
no voice-vlan
Function: Configure the specified VLAN to voice VLAN. The no command cancels the voice VLAN configuration for this VLAN.

  • <vlan-id>: the number of the specified VLAN.

Command mode: Global Mode
Default: No voice VLAN.
Usage guide: Sets a specified VLAN for the voice VLAN. There can only be one voice VLAN configured at a time. The voice VLAN cannot be applied concurrently with a MAC based VLAN.
Example: Set VLAN100 as a voice VLAN.

active500EM(config)#voice-vlan vlan 100


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