Comprehending the Internet of Things (IoT): an Evolving Future

ICC Intelligent Networking Products Handle the Business Side of the Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet is a digital universe in itself; a rapidly growing, intelligent and complex universe that holds virtually everything anyone has ever known. When we cross the intelligence of the Internet with physical objects in our world, well, that?s what we refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT.)
From Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Fitbits, to stoplights, coffee makers and even the microchip implant to locate your lost pet, these things of the internet have the same job: to monitor, communicate, maintain and optimize through the data they collect.
Dr. John Barrett, Head of Academic Studies at the Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at Cork Institute of Technology, defined that one of these objects is given a task to monitor something, like say, the heart rate. It will turn its findings into data and communicate that data with the user. Some are also able to make adjustments when necessary, sense patterns, predict outcomes, and control the object it is observing.
From this data, we open a floodgate of observable knowledge, and with knowledge we have the opportunity to learn from and better manage anything we wish to observe in our accessible universe.
It?s safe to mention that the IoT is the future ? fast in its development, with no sign of slowing down. This can mean many things for research and understanding.
Every one of these things communicates their data via the wireless connection of Internet, and according to HOSPA, the amount of devices that require this Internet connection will increase from the current 1, to 9 per person by the year 2020.

How Can I Handle the Internet of Things?

For example, when it comes to a hospitality situation, in order for a hotel to allow its customers to say, access their Netflix account through the television, open their room door with their downloaded phone key, or even tell how long their takeout will last in the Smart fridge, they depend on a strong, balanced, and vast access to the internet connection.
Products have been developed to make sure these connections are sound and quick, regardless of the amount of devices in use in the area, making it easy to keep up with the increasing amount of need for Internet, and also keep up with security concerns. Our icXchange products have an intelligent, traffic-cop software to ensure reliable, secure, and high-performance wireless access.
We?re not talking about George Orwell?s book 1984 when we open the conversation about the Internet of Things and the complexity of technology today.
The IoT calls for not only developmental progress in the things themselves, but future progress on our systems that make the communication work, and the idea that these intelligent devices are in it for the long run. And that’s what ICC?does.
These strides forward, further into our understanding of new technology, are opportunities to grow the knowledge of our physical world; from data to information to wisdom.