Dashboard in activeARC CMS – Understanding the Dashboard

About the activeARC CMS Dashboard

The activeARC?CMS Dashboard is a simple view of the overall status of the communication network.

The dashboard provides quick network monitoring and status checks in the ?Site Statistics? section.

  • The Green circle indicates the number of sites that have all the Access Points online and responding to the activeARC CMS. All online sites are also marked with a GREEN marker in Google Maps
  • The Red circles indicate the number of sites that have one or more Access Points offline. The offline sites are marked with a RED marker in Google Maps. Offline has the highest priority in statistics. The Red status of offline means that the CMS can’t communicate effectively with the wireless device.? The AP could be down, unplugged, or any number of network related issues, but are urgent items to be addressed immediately.
  • The Yellow circles indicate the number of sites that have one or more Access Points waiting for provisioning. The waiting sites are marked with a YELLOW marker in Google Maps. This has lower priority than Offline.

The accumulated number of alarms are also shown on the top right corner of the web page.
The dashboard is divided into several sections for simple management.
Create a new site,?Quick view statistics, Quick view support, Management, Deployment locations


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