Device List in activeARC CMS – Understanding the device list in the activeARC CMS

How the activeARC CMS works with Devices and the Device List

The Device List page shows all the MAC addresses which have been added via MAC or Public IP Addresses as well as their current provisioning status.

How does the connection between the activeARC CMS and ICCN managed device actually happen?? Here’s an example:
On the AP side following process will take place.

  • AP receives authentication confirmation from the activeARC CMS
  • AP sets a flag in its non-volatile configuration partition about provisioning
  • AP erases all the configurations previously made (NOTE: this will delete any previous configurations)
  • After the device reboots,? it will request?the configurations made in the pre-determined group it’s been assigned to from the activeARC CMS
  • The newly provisioned device will accept the group configurations.? If there are no new configurations then no upgrade from the group is needed
  • If the group to which the device was added, has several configurations that were made over time, all the configurations are pushed into the device and the device is restarted if necessary.

A device can be unprovisioned from any group by clicking on the ?Remove? button. This way the device is only unprovisioned but not removed from the site. If the device is re-provisioned and included in another group all the changes that are made in that group are pushed to the newly added group device.
Configurable Options in Device list:
The Device List has some other uses too. Clicking on the Edit button against each MAC address listed in this section allows for advanced configurations. These configurations include Wireless Radio settings, Static IP address, soft reboot and Hostname of a particular device.
The device can also be remotely managed as an individual or standalone device.