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ARC52-KIT Wi-Fi 5 Tri-band Outdoor AP with four (4) 6dBi antennas

The ARC52-KIT is a Wi-Fi 5 Wave 2 outdoor tri-band PtP/PtMP MU-MIMO access point including four (4) high-performance 6dBi omnidirectional antennas.

The ARC52-KIT provides an outdoor tri-band point-to-point/point-to-multipoint access point for multiple locations while ensuring performance featuring MU-MIMO over high-speed links.

Included in the KIT are AP mounting hardware, PoE injector, 4* 6dBi antennas, and intelligent software for local or cloud management.

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ARC60WAP Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Access Point

ARC60WAP indoor access point features 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 performance over two (2) 2.5G fast Ethernet data rates combined with multiple streams of simultaneous upload or download of traffic. The narrower subcarrier spacing, and longer symbol time with improved stability and data processing efficiency increase performance in high-density access environments such as university campuses, concert venues, gymnasiums, and secure environments.

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High strength metal mounting kit made for outdoor city pole, walls, large venue mounting. Includes tilt mechanism and assembly screws

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PWR-SUPPLY48V 240W Industrial DC Power Supply

The PWR-SUPPLY48V is a 240W industrial din rail power supply, 90Vac to 260Vac full voltage range AC input, 48V DC output, and complies with EN61000-3-2 standard. The power supply comes as a kit with an unterminated power line cord.

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ICCN’s ANT-CABLE-4 RPSMA outdoor high-performance LMR240 cable assembly with RPSMA to N-Male connectors is designed for low loss flexibility.

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The ANT-OMNI-12 RPSMA supports a dual polarity feed system in a single enclosure and features simple-to-mount hardware, easy-to-use components, and all weather-resistant parts. Featuring two RP-SMA ports, one for vertically polarized and one for horizontally polarized signals for 2×2 MIMO support.

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The ANT-PANEL-8 panel antenna is a vertical and horizontal polarized high-gain antenna to meet the directional needs of any line-of-sight remote facility.

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