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ICC’s icXchange??architecture delivers control, performance, and flexibility to handle today’s complex user demands.
This family of unified IP data networking solutions, comprised of the Access Control System and Unified Access Device, pairs industry-leading hardware with proprietary intelligent and flexible software controls, ideal for current business requirements and easily scaled for future requirements.
The icXchange Access Control System is based on a unified wired and wireless controller system with software-driven features – making it the most flexible platform in the industry.
The Unified Access Device (UAD) are built for all wireless network in the age of BYOD/BYOC and Internet of Things (IoT). Designed with advanced features, UAD comes with the UADOS software with patent-pending content controls.

ICC Networking icXchange
[service_table title=”SMART” title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-lightbulb-o” icon_size=”fa-3x”]ICC’s multi-personality software contains intelligence? to handle multiple routing, IP data control, policy, and forwarding based on contention. ?Designed to provide the best user experience, the icXchange? platform increases deployment flexibility. ?Customers can migrate their IP data ecosystems over time.[/service_table]
[service_table title=”SIMPLE” title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-check” icon_size=”fa-3x”]icXchange??reduces cost while?increasing efficiency with consolidated systems to increase software control while using fewer network components.[/service_table]
[service_table title=”SCALABLE” title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-stack-exchange” icon_size=”fa-3x”]icXchange??focuses on patented technology to ensure delivery of data, IP data policies, and wireless RF management. ?The use of software allows the deployment of any size network within minutes. ? ICC’s patent-pending User Xchange Interface (UXI) tools ensure ease of use while allowing customers to scale any size ecosystem.[/service_table]
[service_table title=”PERFORMANCE” title_background_type=”background_color_type” icon=”fa-wifi” icon_size=”fa-3x”]icXchange? was designed to be a multi-level performance system. ? The system can stand-alone or be on the edge of the Local Area Network. ?It can also be a central aggregation point or be at the top of a network with Layer 3 routing. ?The icXchange? system is the most flexible and industry-leading unified networking solution.[/service_table]

ICC Networking Products

[image_with_text image=”16229″ title=”ACCESS POINTS”]ICC?s ICX Series of flexible access points set a new standard for high performance wireless devices.
The ICX and ARC (A&T branded) Series are made up of four different versions built on a shared platform for easy migration between 802.11n and 802.11ac. ?These platforms share various operating systems, features, management, and data controls.
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[image_with_text image=”16230″ title=”CONTROLLERS”]Capable of managing from 1 to 256 ICX and ARC Series access points from a single location, the Link1000ACS and Link2000ACS are designed for maximum flexibility and can be deployed as an on-premise, remotely managed, or part of a Cloud hosted ecosystem. ?Unlike conventional LAN/WLAN systems that are costly, complex, and cumbersome to deploy, these access control systems are ideal for any data network with simple 15 minute set up, data tracking, integrated Wireless Intrusion Detection System, and advanced Switching technology.
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[image_with_text title=”MANAGEMENT” image=”16875″]ICC?s intelligent content control is an embedded software system to reduce contention and IP conflicts and allow more users and complex applications to co-exist in greater capacity on an ICC IP Data Network.? The result is a more efficient network allowing better Total Cost of Ownership and more device use over the same broadband connection.
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[image_with_text image=”16316″ title=”SWITCHES”]The AS Series of Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches are designed for performance access switching.? These Layer 2 managed switch solutions offer expanded communication support for Voice, Video, and Data.? Supporting a comprehensive list of Quality-of-Service (QoS), enhanced VLAN functions, multi-link aggregation, intelligent security control, and full IPv6 Certification, the new Link5000AS/Link6000AS Switch Families are ideal for any network.
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