Link6026-24POE 24 Port High Power Enterprise Ethernet Switch


The Link 6000 series of high performance Ethernet switches are Layer 2 and Layer 3 aware with advanced content control features and higher power budgets for demanding Power-over-Ethernet devices. The ICCN switches support 8 or 24 PoE RJ-45 ports and 2 or 4 gigabit combo SFP/Copper ports. These enterprise switches operate at full line rate while providing security, mobility, and flexibility for an intelligent ICCN wireless edge network.
Networks of different sizes require features and performance all while meeting their budget requirements. The Link6000 series enterprise switches exceed customer demands with high power budgets of 250W on the 8 Port and 400W on the 24 port that IEEE802.3af/at standard. Network managers can consolidate infrastructures to support security cameras, access points, phones, and other powered devices. The extended management framework allows for complete control of each port, power, and data traffic to ensure content delivery.
The Link6000 series compliment the Unified Access Device (UAD) line of hyper intelligent edge wireless nodes. Support for indoor and outdoor, segmented and optimized, and power on demand are central to ensuring consistent performance.

Product Details

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  • Wire speed: 52G
  • MAC address table: 8K MAC address table and MAC address table management
  • MAC address binding: Yes
  • MAC address filtering: Yes
  • MAC address learning control: Supports port-based MAC address learning control
  • Jumbo frame: 9K
  • Port characteristics:
    • Port control
    • Port isolation
    • Port loop detection
  • Port mirroring: Yes mode
  • VLAN: 4K 802.1q VLANs
  • Link aggregation: Supports 8 TRUNK groups, each supporting up to 8 ports
  • Flow control: Supports IEEE 802.3x and back pressure
  • Bandwidth control: Smallest frame size: 64kbps.
  • Spanning Tree Protocol:
    • IEEE 802.1d Spanning TreeProtocol (STP)
    • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
    • IEEE 802.1s Multi-Process Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
  • Ring protocol: Support EAPS.
  • Multicast: Support 256 Layer 2 multicast table capacity, Support IGMP Snooping.

Layer 3 Aware Features

  • Static ARP: Yes
  • Static routing: Yes
  • Three VLAN interface: Maximum 32 three-layer VLAN interface

Quality of service control

  • ACL: Supports 256 groups of ACLs based on standard IP, extended IP, MAC IP, and ARP


  • Support 4 different priority queues per port, Support flexible queue scheduling algorithm: WRR, Q + WRR
  • Supports port-based / MAC / 802.1p based / DSCP-based classification


  • Security features:
    • Support MAC-based 802.1X authentication
    • Support AAA / RADIUS authentication
    • Support WEB / Telnet login password protection
    • Support access privilege mode password protection
    • CPU protection


  • Supports: CLI, Console, Telnet, Web
  • SNMP: Supports SNMP v1 / v2 / v3.
  • User Management: Multi-user management
  • System log: Yes
  • Configure upload and download: Uploading / downloading configuration files via WEB or TFTP
  • Firmware upgrade: Support via the WEB, TFTP or serial port to upgrade the firmware


  • PING: Yes
  • Telnet client: Yes
  • Show process: Yes

Certifications & Safety

  • FCC
  • CE
  • RoHS

Ports : 24 10/100/1000Base-T, 2 SFP optical, and 1 Serial Port
LED Indicator: Power, PoE, port speed, port connection
Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V AC, 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 400W Power budget
Operating temperature: 0 ? ~ 40 ?
Storage temperature: -10 ? ~ 70 ?
Relative humidity: 20% ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Cooling method: Built-in silent fan
Wire speed: 52G
MAC address table: 8K MAC address table
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Number of PoE ports: 24 Gigabit ports
PoE standard:,
15.4W, maximum support 30W per port
Pin definition: V + (RJ45 Pin 1, 2), V- (RJ45 Pin 3, 6)
PoE management: Supports port-based PoE status display and PoE switch control