ICC Networking?s new UAD architecture provides 802.11ac gigabit wireless performance aligned with optional security and open platforms based on a client requirements for control of their data mobility networks.

The UAD solution can be used as a standalone devices, integrated into management systems or provide capable integrators with open source access to deploy their own Wireless as a Service platforms including Location Service and Monetization among others.

UAD looks like traditional access points with both indoor and outdoor versions to support a complete and cost effective solution. Designed with 16 SSIDs per radio (32 total), these UAD systems support VLANs, Client Isolation and MAC Filtering to control access. The new devices extend application support for voice and video with multiple levels of Quality-of-Service and an intelligent patent-pending bandwidth management system to ensure content delivery and performance.

The explosion of device and application requirements in this new age of IoT forces IT Administrators to seek advanced solutions like ICC Networking?s UAD. These new architectures ensure maximum flexibility for any IT environment, while providing various software levels to control content, increase device visibility, and track and monetize users; all, while ensuring security and access. These new features ensure maximum usability as more efficiency means more users and applications that can use the wireless network. UAD series target SMB, Retail, Hospitality, and multi-location markets where transient users and application requirements frequently change.

Solution Highlights