Dual-Radio 802.11ac Access Point


The ICCN ICX10UAD CLOUD wireless device is a feature-rich platform designed to be cost-effective and simple to deploy 1 or 1,000 locations with the ease of the icXmanager UAD Cloud management.? This robust access point features 11ac technology for gigabit performance while ensuring flexibility with 16 SSIDs per radio (32 SSIDs total).? The advanced tools don?t stop at QoS but include bandwidth management and steering as well as patent-pending icXengine for data flow optimization.
Designed for any enterprise network, ICX10UAD CLOUD deliver? 4k VLANs, Dual IP Address, IEEE 802.1p VLAN priority, WMM, IEEE 802.11e EDCF, and Service-Aware priority assigned by VSC, and Layer 2 Isolation.? Policy-based and Software-driven features allow for specific Quality-of-Service streams that ensure Voice, Video, and Data services based on client or provider requirements. ?Combined with advance CLOUD management, these devices enable users to start deploying true all-wireless network environments at superior value.

Multi-protocol ICX10 series deliver gigabit 802.11ac performance combines software-driven multi-mode security, guest access and routing with content awareness. This Unified Access Device (UAD) ensures ease of deployment with as standalone, developer integration, or icXmanager intelligent cloud control combined with patent-pending content policy for the most demanding mobility ecosystem.

Product Details

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  • Dual Band Radio
    • 2X2 MIMO
    • 40 Mhz channel support
    • 80 Mhz channel support (802.11ac)
  • Meets international WiFi Standards and supports the most modern WiFi specifications.
    • 802.11 b/g/n
    • 802.11 a/n/ac
  • Supported WiFi channels 2.4Ghz
    • Channel 1-11
    • Channel 12-13
  • Channel 14 Supported WiFi channels 5Ghz Channels:
    • 36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,100,104,108,112,116,120,124,149,153,157,161
    • Wifi scanning to allow for best channel strength/ settings
  • MAC Filter
    • Allow all except listed MAC addresses
    • Allow only listed MAC addresses
    • Shows all clients connected to each radio (if more than one)
    • Sets the minimum connection/transmission rate a user can connect (Multicast Tx rate)
    • Ability to limit/exclude certain channels
    • Transmit power control to change the output of the radio
  • Multiple SSIDs
    • 16 SSID per band
    • 256 simulatneous users


  • AP Mode
  • Per SSID per VLAN
  • AP WDS Mode


  • Multiple authentication methods
    • WPA(PSK), WPA2(PSK), WEP WPA Enterprise, WPA2 Enterprise
  • Multiple encryption algorithms
    • CCMP (AES)
    • TKIP
    • CCMP and TKIP both
    • Hidden SSID support
    • Wireless client isolation
    • Remote Radius authentication and accounting support
    • Local authentication while utilizing other type of authentication (Mac passing)


  • Easy access Web GUI
  • Multiple browser compatibility
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
  • Multiple Admin login support
  • Admin access log


  • Realtime Graphs
  • Realtime Load Graph
  • Realtime Traffic Graph
  • Realtime Wireless Graph
  • Realtime Active Connection Graph


  • ARP
  • Active IPv4-Routes


  • Setting of Router password
  • SSH
  • Telnet


  • Firewall settings
  • General settings
  • Zones settings
  • Port Forwarding
  • Firewall Rules
  • Traffic Rules
  • Source NAT


  • Firmware Options
  • Backup/Restore firmware
  • Reset to defaults
  • Flash new firmware keeping previous configurations
  • Flash new firmware with factory settings
  • Configurable Option
  • Backup file list


  • DHCP
  • Static
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • PPPoE


  • DHCP Server
  • Configurable DHCP Lease Time
  • Configurable DHCP IP Pool
  • Static


  • VLAN capability
    • Different IP for access point management vs end users
    • Static Routing
    • End user NAT’ing
    • SNMP capability for usage statistics and equipment health
    • WAN ping block
    • Per user bandwidth capping: At a fixed capped rate per user, with respect to the total available up-link bandwidth
    • Per user bandwidth capping: At a fixed capped rate per user, irrespective of the total available up-link bandwidth
    • Per user bandwidth capping: At a variable cap based on the users on the network at any time, with respect to the total available up-link bandwidth
    • Queuing and Prioritization


  • SSID Binding
  • Automatic redirection to Splash page
  • Customizable landing page
  • Custom DNS
  • NAS ID support
  • Whitelisted Websites
  • WISPr attributes
  • Various attributes support
  • Standard Radius
  • Access accept Bandwidth up and down
  • Data usage .
  • Session time out
  • Idle Timeout
  • Interim accounting updates
  • Disconnect message
  • Multiple RADIUS profiles support
  • Optional secondary RADIUS server and prioritization options


  • UCI based CLI


  • Status
  • Overview
  • Firewall Status
  • Routes
  • Realtime Graphs
  • System
    • System Properties
    • Time Synchronization
    • Administration
    • Software Backup/Upgrade Firmware Option
    • Reboot
  • Services
    • Hotspot Parameters
    • QoS
  • Network
    • Interfaces
    • Wifi
    • Switch
    • DHCP and DNS
    • WAN Ping Block
    • Hostnames
    • AP Mode
    • Static Routes
    • Firewall
  • Diagnostics
    • Ping
    • Trace route
    • NsLookup

Description:?11ac 2×2 managed wireless access point
Dimensions:?6.2 x 6.2 x 1.6
10/100/1000Base-T Port: 1
Console Port:?1
USB 2.0 Port:?1
PoE: 802.3af
Local Power:?12V DC 1A
Maximum Power Consumption:?<12W
RF Port:?Internal 3+ dBi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz each
Transmit Power:?The maximum transmit power output on each RF band is 23 dBm for all rate levels and modulation modes.
Power Adjustment Granularity:?1 dBm
Working Frequency Band:?802.11b/g/n : 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz802.11a/n : 5.150 GHz to 5.850 GHz802.11ac:5.150GHz to 5.250GHz
5.250GHz to 5.350GHz
5.725GHz to 5.850GHz
Modulation Technology: ?802.11b?BPSK?QPSK?CCK802.11a/g/n:BPSK?QPSK?16-QAM?64-QAM802.11ac?BPSK?QPSK?16-QAM?64-QAM?256-QAM
Working/Storage Temperature:?-5?C to +45?C?-40?C?85?C
Working/Storage RH:?5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Protection Level:?IP30
Wi-Fi Standards:?802.11a/b/g/n/ac
MIMO Type:?2×2:2
BSSID (per radio):?32
Supported Clients:?255
RF Connectors:?No
External Antennas:?No
Jumbo Frame Support:?Yes
USB Connection: 1
Console Port:?Yes
POE Passthrough:?No
Ships with AC/DC Power Supply:?No
Lifetime Warranty:?Yes