The explosion of device and application requirements in this new age of IoT creates the need for intelligent wireless edge devices. ICC Networking’s AE Series of indoor wireless access points maximize flexibility for your network ecosystem while providing various software controls for content, increase device visibility, and track and monetize users. The AE series are hyper intelligent devices ensuring security and access. These new features ensure maximum usability as more efficiency means more users and applications that can use the wireless network. Both platforms are embedded with ICCN’s Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS) built for every market from SMB, Retail, Hospitality, industrial, and a limitless number of other IP environments.
ICC Networking?s patent pending Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS) is the core architecture for our wireless devices designed for performance and aligned with optional security and open platforms based on a client requirements for control of their data mobility networks.

[image_with_text title=”AE201 IEEE802.11ac Wave 2″ image=”18695″]AE201 series delivers IEEE802.11ac Wave 2 performance on a software-driven UADOS platform to deliver the most from its quad-core CPU and MU-MIMO dual radio design. The AE201 series are small devices with two (2) ports for easy installation into any enterprise while featuring 14 SSID and 128 VLAN support, multi-mode security, guest access and routing that?s content aware. UADOS allows various modes and can enable the deployment of thousands via the activeARC Cloud Management System.[/image_with_text]
[image_with_text image=”18696″ title=”AE108 IEEE802.11ac”]AE108 series, formerly ICX10UAD, are multi-mode access device designed to be a cost-effective dual-radio access point with optional routing capability. This UADOS AP features two streams and 802.11ac technology for 867Mbps performance for 5Ghz devices and 300 Mbps for 802.11n clients.[/image_with_text]

Hyper Intelligent and Software-driven Access Points

The ICCN White-Glove Service Partner Programs, within which lies access to the Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS) architecture, are designed to ensure certified partners are empowered with tools and products that enable business growth and expansion into new technologies while respecting each of our partners? business models and individual paths for success.

More providers build their own monitoring, management, and content control system using a variety of open source materials. The only barrier to continued expansion of their capabilities is open access to the very platforms they hope to manage.

In this age of Hyper-convergence, IoT, M2M, bare metal switching, and other network infrastructures impacting networking, ICCN is pleased to deliver wireless platforms that provide access and visibility into our wireless platforms starting with our AE108 and AE201.


Product Details

Hardware Feature AE108/AE108-CMS AE201/AE201-CMS
IEEE802.11ac Wave 1 Wave 2
Radio 2×2:2 SU-MIMO 2×2:2 MU-MIMO
Power-over-Ethernet IEEE802.3at/af IEEE802.3at/af
SSID 16 per Radio (32 Total) 7 per Radio (14 Total)
VLAN 4,000 128
Ports 1 Gigabit (RJ-45) 2 Gigabit (RJ-45)
Description IEEE802.11AC Wave 2 2X2:2 MU-MIMO 5GHz indoor managed Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) IEEE802.11ac 2×2 indoor managed wireless access point with internal antennas
Management activeARC CMS / SNMP / Standalone activeARC CMS / SNMP / Standalone
Radios 2 2
Bands Dual concurrent Dual concurrent
Wi-Fi standards IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac
MIMO Type 2×2:2 2×2:2
BSSID (per radio) 7 (14 total) 16 (32 total)
Supported Clients 300 255
External Antennas No No
Jumbo Frame Support Yes Yes
POE Passthrough No No
Dimensions (inches) 5×3.5x.5 6.2 x 6.2 x 1.6
10/100 /1000Base-T port 2 1
Console port (RJ-45) 1
USB 2.0 port 1
PoE IEEE803.2af / 802.3at IEEE802.3af / 802.3at
Local Power 12V DC 1A (USB Type C) 12V DC 1A
Maximum power consumption <12W <12W
Antenna Pattern Internal 5dBi on 2.4GHz and 5GHz Internal 3+ dBi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz each
Transmit power Maximum transmit is 21dBm Maximum transmit power output on each RF band is
23 dBm for all rate levels and modulation modes.
Power adjustment granularity 1dBm 1dBm
Working frequency band 802.11b/g/n: 2.4GHz to 2.483GHz 802.11a/n :5.150 GHz to 5.850 GHz02.11ac:5.150GHz to 5.250GHz5.250GHz to 5.350GHz
5.725GHz to 5.850GHz
802.11b/g/n : 2.4 GHz to 2.483 GHz
802.11a/n : 5.150 GHz to 5.850 GHz
802.11ac:5.150GHz to 5.250GHz
5.250GHz to 5.350GHz
5.725GHz to 5.850GHz
Modulation technology 802.11b BPSK QPSK CCK 802.11a/g/n:BPSK QPSK 16-QAM 64-QAM
802.11ac BPSK QPSK 16-QAM 64-QAM 256-QAM
802.11a/g/n:BPSK QPSK 16-QAM 64-QAM
802.11ac BPSK QPSK 16-QAM 64-QAM 256-QAM
Working/Storage temperature .-5 C to 45 C -5?C to +45?C / -40?C-85?C
Working/Storage RH 5% to 95% (non-condensing) 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Protection level IP20 IP30
Ships with AC/DC Power Supply Yes No
Mouting Options Wall (optional ceiling) Wall or Ceiling
Lifetime Warranty Yes Yes