15. Device Info Commands

get device-info command
This chapter describes commands that can be used to view the device information settings.

15.1 get device-info

Summary of get device-info commands:

Command Description
detail * Get all properties *
device-description Display the Device Description
device-name Display the Device Name
version-id Display the Hardware Version

15.1.1 get device-info detail

Function: Display all properties.
Command: get device-info detail

ARC2000MAP# get device-info detail
Property            Value
device-description  ARC2000MAP, Indoor Dual Band Radio 802.11N
device-name         ARC2000MAP
version-id          R1

15.1.2 get device-info device-description

Function: Display the device description.
Command: get device-info device-description

ARC2000MAP# get device-info device-description
ARC2000MAP, Indoor Dual Band Radio 802.11N

15.1.3 get device-info device-name

Function: Display the device name.
Command: get device-info device-name

ARC2000MAP# get device-info device-name

15.1.4 get device-info version-id

Function: Display the hardware version.
Command: get device-info version-id

ARC2000MAP# get device-info version-id


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