17. Serial commands

get serial and set serial commands
This chapter describes commands can be used to view and set the serial settings.

17.1 get serial

Summary of get serial commands:

Command Description
baud-rate Display the Serial baudrate
detail * Get all properties *
status Display the Serial Status

17.1.1 get serial baud-rate

Function: Display the serial baudrate.
Command: get serial baud-rate

ARC2000MAP# get serial baud-rate

17.1.2 get serial detail

Function: Display all properties.
Command: get serial detail

ARC2000MAP# get serial detail
Property   Value
status     up
baud-rate  115200

17.1.3 get serial status

Function: Display the serial status.
Command: get serial status

ARC2000MAP# get serial status


17.2 set serial

Summary of set serial command.

Command Description
baud-rate Set the serial baudrate. Valid values: ?9600?,?19200?,?38400?,?57600?,?115200?.

17.2.1 set serial baud-rate

Function: Set the serial baudrate. Valid values: ?9600?,?19200?,?38400?,?57600?,?115200?.
Command: set serial baud-rate

ARC2000MAP# set serial baud-rate 115200


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