20. Web Server Commands

get web-server and set web-server commands
This chapter describes commands can be used to view and set the web-server settings.

20.1 get web-server

Summary of get web-server commands:

Command Description
detail * Get all properties *
http-port Display the TCP port to listen on
http-status Display the TCP port status
language Display the Language used
language-can-be-set Display the Language setting
session-max Display the Max number of sessions
session-timeout Display the Session timeout mins
ssl-cert-generate Display the SSL certificate setting

20.1.1 get web-server detail

Function: Display all properties
Command: get web-server detail

ARC2000MAP# get web-server detail
Property             Value
language-can-be-set  0
language             en
http-port            80
http-status          up
ssl-cert-generate    0
session-timeout      30
session-max          5

20.1.2 get web-server http-port

Function: Display TCP port to listen on.
Command: get web-server http-port

ARC2000MAP# get web-server http-port

20.1.3 get web-server http-status

Function: Display TCP port status.
Command: get web-server http-status

ARC2000MAP# get web-server http-status

20.1.4 get web-server language

Function: Display the language used.
Command: get web-server language

ARC2000MAP# get web-server language

20.1.5 get web-server language-can-be-set

Function: Display language setting.
Command: get web-server language-can-be-set

ARC2000MAP# get web-server language-can-be-set

20.1.6 get web-server session-max

Function: Display the max number of sessions.
Command: get web-server session-max

ARC2000MAP# get web-server session-max

20.1.7 get web-server session-timeout

Function: Display the session timeout mins.
Command: get web-server session-timeout

ARC2000MAP# get web-server session-timeout

20.1.8 get web-server ssl-cert-generate

Function: Display the SSL certificate setting.
Command: get web-server ssl-cert-generate

ARC2000MAP# get web-server ssl-cert-generate


20.2 set web-server

Summary of set web-server commands:

Command Description
http-port Set the TCP port to listen on
language-can-be-set Set the Language setting
session-max Set the Max number of sessions
session-timeout Set the Session timeout mins
ssl-cert-generate Set the SSL certificate setting

20.2.1 set web-server http-port

Function: Set the TCP port to listen on. Valid values: [0,65535] or blank for default.
Command: set web-server http-port

ARC2000MAP# set web-server http-port 8080

20.2.2 set web-server language-can-be-set

Function: Set the language. Valid values: [0,1].
Command: set web-server language-can-be-set

ARC2000MAP# set web-server language-can-be-set 1

20.2.3 set web-server session-max

Function: Set the max number of sessions. Valid values: [1,10] or blank for default.
Command: set web-server session-max

ARC2000MAP# set web-server session-max 10

20.2.4 set web-server session-timeout

Function: Set the session timeout mins. Valid values: [1,1440] or blank for default.
Command: set web-server session-timeout

ARC2000MAP# set web-server session-timeout 1440

20.2.5 set web-server ssl-cert-generate

Function: Generate a new SSL certificate 1:a no-op.
Command: set web-server ssl-cert-generate

ARC2000MAP# set web-server ssl-cert-generate 1


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