Getting Started: Installing your first UAD on the activeARC CMS

Installing your Unified Access Device with your new activeARC Cloud Management System

Congratulations, you’ve purchased an ICCN ICX Unified Access Device wireless product.? Now you’re looking to get it set up on the service provider cloud system called activeARC Cloud Management System.? Follow the simple instructions below.
STEP 1: Register your product online
You must first register your product at
Once?registered, you?ll receive an email confirmation that your product is registered for support.
If you have not previously created a cloud account go to It is mandatory to use a company support email (ex: in the account when setting up the account.
Once completed, plug your UAD wireless device into a network with internet access.? Once the device is online and booted up, you can log into your cloud account to provision the device.
Step 2:? Logging in
Connect your UAD to the internet and log into your activeARC CMS.? At the login prompt enter the username and password which will take you to the system dashboard.? The dashboard shows you details globally for all your sites, devices, and clients.
Step 3: Add New Site and Device
Select the ?Add new site? button on main page.
This brings up the information page for you to enter details about your new site.? You have two options when entering a new site:

  • Add new device by using public IP address
  • Add new device by using MAC address

Once you?ve added your new device and assigned a license and entered any configuration details, you?re ready to use your new UAD device.