Hyatt LAX deploys ICCN


The Concourse at the Los Angeles International Airport looked for an intelligent IP data wireless network ecosystem to match their $160 million dollar renovation project.? The ICC Networking solution not only exceed expectations and performance, but expanded their ability to offer services that attract convention events, tiered managed services, and SLA driven? guest upgrades.
Network Challenges

  • The LAX concourse IT challenges ran the gamut from inconsistent connectivity, low RF performance due to a crowded airport RF ecosystem, complex wireless security issues while conducting a massive upgrade project, and most importantly, poor guest satisfaction scores driving down room rates and nights of stay.
  • Having experienced 3 of the top 4 wireless vendors with no success to effectively solve all their issues and contain much needed advanced features, they turned to Tiered Communication Services for an ICC Networking wireless infrastructure option.

Why ICC Networking

  • The ICCN Access Control System (ACS) premise wireless control system gave Hyatt the a high performance 11ac network with software-driven features to managing internal and external RF environments to ensure guests connections would not be impacted.
  • The ICCN system provides 11 different security methods based on client type and gave IT staff the ability to control transient user and abusers of the network.
  • The ACS also gave Hyatt complete visibility to the users within the ecosystem to offer tiered services as well as superior application performance.
  • ICCN?s lifetime warranty and dedicated engineering support increased deployment value and total cost of ownership for the Link2000ACS controller, ICX420GAP 11ac and ICX300-OAP performance access points and licenses.


  • Significantly improved guest experience resulting in an increase of satisfaction scores.
  • Wireless as a Service capability and management tools to drive future revenue potential.
  • Meeting and Conference room service expansion and sales opportunities which are attracting large clients.
  • Development of a paid service model for tiered services, conference, and bandwidth performance.