ICC Helps Comfort Suites Exceed Guest Performance Demands

Comfort Suites Uses ICC Wireless Network Solution for Guest Satisfaction

Comfort Suites was facing growing demand for simple-to-use, but high performing wireless connectivity and for a more stable guest connectivity set up. Facing the challenge of that plus the need to support a greater number of applications and hosted services, achieve and maintain a high guest satisfaction score, and also handle large events that were known to increase wireless usage by 25-50%, Comfort Suites turned to ICC Networking.
The perfect solution for them was the ICC Link2000ACS, ARC2000MAP performance dual-band access points, and utilizing icXchange integrated management for applications of:

  • Seamless? high density Wi-Fi? Policy-based content delivery
  • Stable and balanced network
  • Ability to handle highly dense wireless requirements based on area events

Our solution not only penetrated the difficult building materials and hotel design, but the new wireless solution gave Comfort Suites full coverage – while improving their?guest satisfaction scores. To top it all off, the ICC solution allowed for an additional 500-600 new devices on the network during the Alamo Bowl without having to bring in any additional equipment.
With the help of?Lodging Support to install the ICC unified wireless solution, Comfort Suites saw an increase in user satisfaction by over 75% and a reduction in cost because the lifetime warranty and?no annual charges.
The solution continues to easily handle high occupancy weekends (like the Alamo Bowl) and keep our support and broadband cost low. Comfort Suites made the right decision in installing a cutting edge affordable solution and will reap the benefits of?relying on a longer lasting network with less upgrades in the future.