ICC Networking and ROKSTER create partnership for Cybersecurity

ICC Networking and ROKSTER create a partnership

to drive network performance and security

The partnership addresses security and performance issues plaguing

industrial and enterprise markets

Riverside, CA – May 26, 2021 – ICC Networking (ICCN) and ROKSTER (formerly PFES) announced a partnership to provide channel clients consulting options for industrial, utility, energy, and heavy infrastructure network performance and cybersecurity analysis, management, optimization, and issue mitigation strategies.  The international partnership deploys joint consulting to help global organizations in a variety of ecosystems deliver secure and strategy-driving network security capabilities from the network edge through the core and over the internet.

Commercial data and access networks continue to expand at an alarming rate and even more so in industrial markets. Cybersecurity must be a central part of the network ecosystem to ensure user data, infrastructure, systems, and processes not only meet regulatory requirements but more importantly, stay ahead of those seeking to do harm to organizations. That is why it is important to form industry partnerships that leverage the best and brightest to combat nefarious actors impacting all industries. The ICCN and ROKSTER technology partnership do exactly that.

Working independently alongside each other, ICCN and ROKSTER will objectively review and analyze client technologies and environments to the benefit of the customer.  Independent reviews allow for proper checks and balances, so clients know their ICCN hybrid data networks and ROKSTER’s cybersecurity efforts exceed expectations, align with industry standards, and provide an objective review of both sides of a client’s network. This methodology has already been put into practice as the two firms currently are working with a large energy entity in the Caribbean / Latin America region as well as are partnering on other global efforts to deliver the independent expertise needed for ongoing and objective compliance enforcement programs.


About Rokster

ROKSTER delivers comprehensive management, consulting services, and functional outsourcing solutions to organizations in the energy, utility, heavy infrastructure, and industrial markets. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, we offer innovative Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM), Program and Project Management, Project Controls, Owner’s Engineering, Quality Control & Quality Assurance, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, and Start-up & Commissioning services that reduce the risks and uncertainties involved with complex capital projects. Our industry experts have managed billions of dollars in capital projects, giving us a proven track record of delivering significant ROI. Learn more at Rokster.com.


About ICC Networking:

ICC Networking (ICCN) is a privately held high-tech manufacturer of IP data networking including wireless (TV Whitespace, Wi-Fi, and CBRS) and wired (Copper and Fiber Ethernet), gateways, intelligent cloud, and edge computing platforms designed to bridge the last mile. To that end, ICCN built the Framework, an integrated matrix of connectivity, software, services, and open access for application development. An ICCN Framework builds on our wired and wireless technology and patented software to enable client-selectable interfaces to expand client value.

ICCN focuses on public access, government/military, and high-density environments requiring flexibility minimizes costly cyclical upgrades all while increasing content delivery with edge computing.  ICCN connectivity platforms complement our software allowing partners to become vertically integrated within a single solution framework from the edge to the core and over the internet.