ICC Networking Expands icXchange with Unified Access Device (UAD) Suite for all Wireless Deployments

International Communications Corporation Inc. (ICC Networking), a provider of business-class, software-optimized computer data infrastructure solutions, announced today that it has launched a unified access device (UAD) designed for all wireless networks. This is perfect for service provider deployments when dealing with IoT, BYOD, and other bandwidth-heavy IP data networking demands. ?The solution ships with indoor or outdoor versions.
ICC’s icXchange? family of unified IP data networking solutions brings the all wireless Unified Access Device (UAD) series to the market. ?UADs are designed to give IT administrators and service providers flexible control over locations needing high performance, flexibility, security, and tracking, but without the exponential cost of ongoing licensing fees. ?Designed to support multi-modes, enterprise service features, different levels of QoS, and content control, not to mention various security protocols, these units change the wireless networking industry approach to cost-effective deployments for smaller networks with an MSRP of $299 for the ICX10UAD indoor unit and $599/$499 for the ICX20UAD/ICX25UAD outdoor units respectively. ?ICC Networking will be launching other variations of the UAD product line in 2016 and 2017.
The UAD architecture was built for performance of content while providing management flexibility. ?Designed with a Qualcomm?Atheros performance chip system for 802.11ac dual band performance. ?Initial versions come standard with 2×2 MIMO for over 1.1 gigabit of aggregate performance. ?The ICX10UAD indoor unit boasts 128 MBs of RAM, USB, Gigabit PoE, RJ-11 CLI, and locking mechanisms to ensure maximum flexibility. ?The ICX20UADand ICX25UAD are robust outdoor units featuring NEMA 68 enclosures for any external ecosystem, integrated 5GHz and 2.4GHz antennas on the ICX20UAD?while the ICX25UAD support external antennas for simple deployment and signal range options.
The UAD devices are complemented by the Unified Access Device Operating System (UADOS). ?This multi-function operating system is standard with each unit and enables providers to deploy solutions with a full feature set built to ensure wireless connectivity for any environment they design. ?Some UAD feature highlights include Security, Content Control, and Flexibility:
Integrated Firewall and Wireless Intrusion Detection start the list of advanced security features and are complemented by AES Encryption, VLANs (802.1p), 802.1x, WPA/WPA2 and standard WEP. ?The UADOS also supports dual IP address, remote Radius Authentication, and Layer 2 Isolation combined with multiple encryption versions to meet any administrator’s requirements
Content Control
UADOS supports per VLAN SSID, Routing, SNMP, WAN Ping Blocking, and DHCP to start. ?Content is then further controlled with multiple levels of Quality of Service by Port, Address, Service, and even Protocol. ?Supporting patent-pending Bandwidth Management, the UADOS ensures inbound and outbound IP traffic are controlled so as reduce contention much like an intelligent traffic cop. ?Combined with Captive Portal and advanced SNMPv3 management, the UADOS gives clients and service providers data networking platforms that grow as their networking needs do.
The icXchange? UAD platform and UADOS software combine to form an industry-leading pair of flexible platforms. ?The indoor ICX10UAD or outdoor ICX20UAD/ICX25UAD can be made to be standalone Access Points for high performance concurrent dual band wireless devices. ?As client needs evolve, these units can migrate to bring Routing/NAT devices providing localized access for users while staying connected to a broadband modem or hanging off a separate part of the network. ?Service provider deployments may evolve to require outdoor to indoor communication where the ICX20UAD/ICX25UAD communicated to an ICX10UAD (set as client) to provide direct communication with localized user access on another signal band.
The outdoor ICX20UAD/ICX25UAD support WDS to connect up to 10 locations as needed to expand connectivity options.
The icXchange? UAD platforms are an exciting new solution clients and service providers can leverage for a more flexible ecosystem in a time where more of these environments are becoming wireless-centric. ?The UAD/UADOS solution leverages advanced features, patent pending technology, and an aggressive price point that demonstrates value and a quick return on investment for ICC Networking partners.
The UAD platforms can also be combined with the icXcloud (monetization, tracking, and reporting) as well as the icXmanager (monitoring and management) systems to ensure the service provider and client can easily deploy, control, and monetize the value of these systems.