ICC Networking Launches icXchange Cloud Architecture for Client Management, Analytics, and More

RIVERSIDE, Calif.Feb. 19, 2016 – International Communications Corporation Inc. (ICC Networking), an IP networking vendor whose software-driven solutions enable better content processing, flexible architectures, and enhanced visibility, introduces a new line of all-wireless networking solutions designed to help clients optimize performance while handling greater volumes of devices and applications. ?The icXchange? solution architecture has now launched icXcloud for analytics, client access, and reporting, while the icXmanager enables device management, control, monitoring, and deployment.
Designed to meet the needs of a channel partner while addressing the constantly changing requirements of a small medium enterprise client, these new platforms allow for on-demand deployment and use. ?Most competing platforms lock clients into one system regardless of feature requirements. ICC Networking’s icXcloud and icXmanager allow users to deploy either or both solutions based on client needs.
The ICC Networking White Glove Service Program, which contain icXcloud and icXmanager architectures, are designed to ensure clients are empowered with tools and products that enable business growth and expansion into new technologies while respecting business models and individual paths for success. All aspects of the setup, tracking, customer engagement, and other details are structured for use by our channel.
Cloud is an Integration Tool:
Designed for use by our channel, the icXcloud and icXmanager solutions are flexible enough to allow Location Services, Presence, Analytics, and Device Management but also provides partners with integration opportunities for large deployments.
These cloud platforms are used by clients and providers to deploy, manage, and monetize Wi-Fi ecosystems. ?Designed for use with ICC Networking?s advanced controller-based and stand-alone wireless access points, the architecture of the icXcloud/icXmanager gives users the ability to have multiple business models at the same time. ?Providers can deploy directly to their clients, or develop a channel of agents and resellers that can deploy a branded solution.
Unlike other systems, both cloud management platforms work with all ICC Networking solutions (premise or all wireless). ?This ensures clients and partners can deploy as needed without having to pick and choose where efficiency and cost savings will come from.
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