ICC Networking presents Big Data and IOT at ITU Forum

Forum on Internet of Things (IOT): Smarter Living in the Caribbean, 24-26 April 2017

The forum on ?IOT? seeks to highlight the significance of IOT as a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications, and its development being dependent on dynamic technical innovation. IOT involves the interlinking of networks, devices, and data that have thus far never been linked. It is the collective power of these formerly disparate elements that lies at the heart of the power of IOT and integrated dynamic ICT ecosystems that can benefit both developed and developing economies.
ICC Networking contributed to seminars on standardization trends in Big Data and IoT. ?Focused on the impact that standardization has on manufacturing, compatibility, brand growth, and technology adoption, ICC Networking demonstrated how the evolution of Wi-Fi and Whitespace solutions can impact connectivity.