ICC Networking White Glove Service Program to Help Partners Improve Deployments While Reducing Support Fees

ICC Networking’s White Glove Service (WGS) program delivers Lifetime Warranty, enhanced licensing, and no ongoing support fees for both partners and their clients
RIVERSIDE, Calif., Jan. 19, 2016 ? International Communications Corporation Inc. (ICC Networking), an IP networking vendor whose software-driven solutions enable better content processing, flexible architectures, and enhanced visibility starts 2016 off with a launch of its White Glover Service (WGS) client program.? WGS is a support and engagement program designed for both channel and end user business clients alike.? The new red carpet program takes a consultant approach to customer partnership, while reducing all costs to net zero for the client.
The ICC Networking WGS program enables clients to test, deploy, and support any ICC solution regardless of whether it’s designed for a SMB or an Enterprise deployment.? The four basic elements; Client Understanding, Train before you Try, Give more Value, and On-demand Designs, are the pillars of the WGS program.? The program also consists of standard features such as Bid Protection, Gov/Ed discounts, Special Promotions, and Joint Marketing activities.
Client Understanding
ICC?s core requirement is that we know and understand our partner and their business completely.? The more we know the faster you grow.
Train Before You Try
ICC Networking provides ongoing training for our partners and clients at no charge.? When new technology is released, we train you before you try the samples for evaluation – making transitions smooth.
Give More Value Than We Get
Our software-driven algorithms ensure performance is optimal, but our business models create ongoing profitability.
On-demand Solution Designs
ICC?s FREE Design service provides partners with assistance when creating simple or complex IP data network designs for their clients.
At ICC Networking, we know how critical our partners? work is with the end user, whether they’re helping to educate a small business in the most effective solution for their growing networking needs, or working in partnership with a mid-size or large corporation to provide a reliable, high-performance, cost-effective alternative to their current solution. We value their role in creating solutions and designed this program to help them more easily understand our solutions ? People, Technology, and Value – and identify opportunities to make valuable, lasting connections within the small to medium enterprise customer.
There’s no cost to join the WGS and inquiries can be made by contacting a dedicated account manager or by submitting an application.