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WaaS Options

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Unified Access Device for the SMB

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Breaking Barriers


Demand for access and data requires change at every level of the IP data network ecosystem.

ICC Networking is an IP data network vendor focused on Ethernet Switching, Wi-Fi, and TV Whitespace paired with patented software-driven technology increasing network elasticity, security, and capability to handle more devices and content.


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Service Provider

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Public Sector



vCPE Indoor AP

11ac. Smart. Scalable.

High Speed Wired

Enterprise. PoE+. Up to 10G.

Unified Outdoor Wireless

High Density. Wireless. Mobility.


Multi-10G. Enterprise. SDN.

Rural & Urban Wireless

NLOS. UHF/VHF. TV Whitespace

activeARC CMS

Management. Reporting. Control


ICC Unified Solution for IP Data Networking

ICCN solutions are unique, unified, and comprised of?tier one hardware,?enterprise features, cloud data flexibility, and patented software perfect for a growing Internet of Things.

ICC Design Assistance Program

Technicians assist you with product suggestions, RFPs, and other pre-sales activities. We add value engineering and sales support that help generate sales.

ICC Customer Support

We believe that quality support means backing your products with on-going warranty options. All of our clients are provided with Premium White Glove Service support.