The Education market has many of the same concerns that enterprises and other markets have in dealing with the explosion of connected devices, applications, and a growing wireless mobile community.

Driving a consolidated IT infrastructure for education to unparalleled efficiency

Acceptance of this continues to grow among school officials; similar to the business community, it?s not a matter of if personal devices will be used on IT networks, but how to handle those devices. While gateways, firewalls, and application control devices can be deployed to handle external content limitations, they do nothing for network performance. The icXchange? unified solution is focused on both connectivity and, more importantly, content control to reduce contention and enable more users on limited networks.

Computer Data Networking Solutions for Education

The icXchange? solution handles the growing need for flexibility by delivering a software-driven platform designed to be like a Swiss Army knife? with flexible configuration options. These options help reduce costs by consolidating much needed features while enabling an “as needed” deployment strategy based on each school’s requirements.

Lower Total Cost

  • Fewer components
  • Reduces complexity which requires less training, management, and investment costs
  • “As-needed” deployment

Smarter Features

  • More intelligent features enable better content control
  • Optimization with features reduces cost
  • Increase per user/device ROI

Greater Flexibility

  • Evolutionary routing & security
  • Controller clustering for onsite/offsite use
  • Central or local management

The ICC icXchange? solution grows with the demands of each educator, school, and IT staff as they seek ways to add performance for today?s growing environments, as well as flexibility in management, network layout, security, and future requirements / growth strategy.

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The icXchange? solution revolutionizes the?industry by enabling greater networking?control, via software, and delivering it into?the hands of schools.