Healthcare Facility Increase Network Performance, Mobility and Security


By using the ICC solution, Meadowbrook Manor in Chicago was able to successfully manage their network environment, ensure connectivity and content delivery performance, and meet security needs.


  • Needed a simplified, enterprise-class mobility WLAN network
  • Meet stringent healthcare requirements
  • Maintain a high level of security
  • Performance was central to ensure mobility of medical equipment


  • Meadowbrook successfully utilized ICC Networking?s simplified management and advanced feature set including Fast Roaming, 802.1x, and Wireless Intrusion Detection
  • Integrated software enabled Meadowbrook to reduce costs while expanding the network
  • Dynamic RF controls combined with patented content control software allowed Meadowbrook to reduce the number of Access Points deployed while increasing network performance
  • System increased productivity of the staff and user satisfaction
  • Increased allotted bandwidth allowing Meadbrook to improve ROI
  • Allowed staff to move systems around hospital without disconnecting from the network
  • Large scanned image files could be uploaded without creating massive data contention issues