Local Government

The new railroads of our day are not seen; they are high speed wireless connections carrying Video, Voice, and Data communication.

If small businesses don’t get on board or can’t effectively afford to get on these modern-day “trains”, they miss out on the growing opportunities that ensure both local business and community survival.

ICC’s city wired and wireless connectivity solution provides communities from rural to large citywide wireless mobility coverage.? The system allows outdoor wireless 802.11 and Whitespace technology to connect both short and long distances across the city, while also connecting to each building facility to provide in-building connectivity to businesses as needed.

Networking Solutions for Small Towns, Local Governments, City Networks and More

The system can use a single broadband point of entry or multiple redundant connections as the main point for online connectivity.? Does the subsequent city coverage connect to each small business providing a lower cost option for the whole community as they seek to migrate to a smart city concept.? Completely managed, the system helps the business community to better control their cost over a longer period of time.? Connecting business and local communities, education, and providing general access are central.

The solution balances network performance to ensure efficiency and advanced features.? The system’s advanced features such as Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems, Layer 3 Segmentation, Quality-of-Service, Remote Management, Private Cloud Wireless Configuration and Management, and many others provide the necessary feature set for a complete system from outside, front-of-store hotspot, to in-building high-speed performance networking for more complex business requirements. There are multiple redundancies to ensure your small business is always connected.

Better Cost

  • Fewer components
  • Reduces complexity which reduces training, management, and investment costs
  • “As-needed” deployment

More Features

  • Better features enable more content control
  • Optimization with features reduces cost
  • Increase per use/device ROI

More Flexibility

  • Evolve routing, security
  • Controller clustering for onsite/offsite use
  • Central or local management

Connecting Your Community

The task of connecting your community demands network infrastructure that is not only reliable and secure but easily expandable and controlled. ICCN’s software-driven networking solutions are perfect for local and state governments to balance network efficiency while still accessing advanced features.