It’s no secret that networks are getting crowded. Avoid complex, proprietary, and inflexible solutions to grow your network and attract high levels of satisfaction.

ICC Networking delivers technology that empowers associations to make better connectivity decisions for their tenants



Apartments and other multi-dwelling units must handle the explosion of tenant devices, from Smart TVs to cellphones. These devices all add to network contention and force the need for more bandwidth and management or risk dissatisfaction. In addition to tenants, devices are the flurry of smart building devices (appliances, HVAC, alarms, etc.) that can be a cost-benefit by being on a network to reduce other costs. Management firms must find balance in having the right technology that can address all their needs and meets their budget.

Owner-controlled network environments drive down costs while driving up satisfaction. By avoiding proprietary, complex, and inflexible solutions from more traditional service providers, solution requirements for MDU management are more easily (and cost-effectively) met. Having network control allows dwelling units to expand services, select value vendors, and reduce network complexity.

Networks Are Getting Crowded

Throughput demands on MDUs are skyrocketing with the increasing number of electronic devices becoming internet-enabled each and every year. Devices, ranging from laptops, thermostats, automobiles, smartwatches, home assistant devices, wireless speakers, smart TVs, coffee makers, appliances, and more, require consistent, reliable, and constant connections.

Changing work conditions are also forcing people to work from home and online, using high amounts of bandwidth with video meetings, streaming services, and more.


Connected internet devices in the U.S. Expected by 2025

810MB to 2.4GB per hour

Average data usage for a group Zoom call.

2.5 GB an Hour

Average data usage from HD video streaming


The ICC Networking IP internet solution empowers property owners to control the internet, upgrade services as needed, expand the network to include green technology and building management, provide users with more application options and deliver a better tenant experience.

Traditional service provider networks deployed at MDUs are complex, proprietary, and lack flexibility. This means it’s more expensive and forces building owners into longer-term contracts and fewer options for their tenants.



  • High-speed wired and wireless performance
  • Patented content control for the best experience
  • Dedicated QoS for Application performance
  • Intelligent device (MAC) filtering


  • Multi-level security options
  • Access control (network and user)
  • Firewall and Routing
  • Application encryption for selected traffic
  • Device bridging


  • activeGUEST use and device portal
  • Migrate network to monetization platform
  • Cloud management & control
  • Reduce service costs with proactive management


Developing your Wi-Fi Network As An Asset

Management groups can now provide electronic dashboards, notices, newsletters, security notices, and other group details directly through the system for access on member devices. Tenants can access content over the shared network from their apartments, pools, gyms, or other common areas covered by the ICCN wireless ecosystem. Our activeARC ecosystem increases the value of your facility beyond simply being a utility.

Track target clients at multiple locations, different devices, and various programs.

The activeARC ecosystem provides added features for advertising, marketing, banners, and other items that can drive revenue to the MDU often to help offset the cost of the IP infrastructure. ICC Networking activeARC empowers property management firms to offer tenants information about local venues, events, and other area attractions willing to pay to get included in those banners.

Our ad relationships help a variety of clients monetize their wireless networks from small environments to region-wide ecosystems. Access data analytics from anywhere and make quick decisions that increase tenant satisfaction. With ICCN and activeARC You can gain:

  • Better User Understanding
  • Track opt-in customer’s habits
  • Understand user dynamics as they visit a deployed location like a mall, restaurant, coffee shop, park, or other location
  • Drive loyalty program specials, coupons, and video ads.

You have the option to develop complimentary advertisers within your network or partners for shared marketing. Significant cashback ad marketing opportunities allow you to offset the cost of your ICCN wireless network.

Another benefit includes advanced targeting, allowing you to understand customer trends over time for multiple locations.