IP Networking to Help Businesses Evolve

Small and medium enterprise businesses (SMB/e) are vital to the global economy as their ability to innovate and expand technology spending is unstoppable. The ability to scale, handle security, be self-sufficient, handle social media, sync with other systems, and evolve features over time on an as-needed basis are core to this segment and its ability to compete.
However, SMB/e remain cautious about migrating to managed service providers for fear of a loss of control, visibility, and flexibility when using tools, services, and technology. Solution options can be too expensive or lack market focus because providers try to shoehorn Enterprise solutions for the SMB/e.
The ICC Networking solution does not trade value, cost, and features when addressing the requirements of the SMB/e customer. The icXchange? solution enables businesses to start small with high performance and few features and expand options without expanding budgets. It addresses each SMB/e concern brought on by the shifts in use of data and information, Cloud as an evolving architecture, and user engagement as content needing better understanding. ICC Networking?s approved White Glove Service partners follow through on advanced training designed to complement customer technology objectives, policies, and procedures.

ICC has the perfect wired and wireless solution for small and medium businesses
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Better Cost

  • Fewer components
  • Reduces complexity which reduces training, management, and investment costs
  • “As-needed” deployment
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More Features

  • Better features enable more content control
  • Optimization with features reduces cost
  • Increase per use/device ROI
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More Flexibility

  • Evolve routing, security
  • Controller clustering for onsite/offsite use
  • Central or local management

The ICC icXchange? solution grows with the demands of each educator, school, and IT staff as they seek ways to add performance for today?s growing environments, as well as flexibility in management, network layout, security, and potential new requirements.

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Case Study


Healthcare Facility Increase Network Performance, Mobility and Security

By using the ICC solution, Meadowbrook Manor in Chicago was able to successfully manage their network environment, ensure connectivity and content delivery performance, and meet security needs.


  • Needed a simplified, enterprise-class mobility WLAN network
  • Meet stringent healthcare requirements
  • Maintain a high level of security
  • Performance was central to ensure mobility of medical equipment


  • Meadowbrook successfully utilized ICC Networking?s simplified management and advanced feature set including Fast Roaming, 802.1x, and Wireless Intrusion Detection
  • Integrated software enabled Meadowbrook to reduce costs while expanding the network
  • Dynamic RF controls combined with patented content control software allowed Meadowbrook to reduce the number of Access Points deployed while increasing network performance
  • System increased productivity of the staff and user satisfaction
  • Increased allotted bandwidth allowing Meadbrook to improve ROI
  • Allowed staff to move systems around hospital without disconnecting from the network
  • Large scanned image files could be uploaded without creating massive data contention issues