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The AT&T activeARC? team believes that quality client support is achieved by providing excellent resources and on-going training to sustain the highest level of support performance. All of our clients are provided with Premium Support for all levels of paid and non-paid support. Please feel free to comment on our Manuals, FAQs, Guides, and other documents as we strive to support our community of AT&T activeARC? users and fans.
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The AT&T activeARC? Focus Program is a progressive engagement program designed to help Team Members build their business. The AT&T activeARC? objective is to assist each type of Team Member to Learn, Share, and Succeed. Becoem a member by registering at
Technicians are available to assist you with product suggestions, RFPs, and other pre-sales activities to support your internal process. As an extension of your organization, we lower your costs by providing additional resources to help generate sales. Let us show you some examples of how the AT&T activeARC? solution can add value and enhance your current network solution.
The business relationship between the AT&T activeARC? team and our Channels, AT&T activeARC? Technology Focus Program Team Members, and Customers is a progressive and supportive one, focusing on Vision, Tools, and Value. We provide ongoing educational support programs aimed at empowering our valued AT&T activeARC? Focus Program members to create effective growth strategies for themselves and their customers.
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Our central interest and core value is to ensure the seamless, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of communication content. Our solutions are not designed as just networking components, but as tools to deliver all your communication needs. To accomplish this task we listen closely to our AT&T activeARC?? Focus Program members, their needs and concerns, and their concepts to address future requirements.