Outdoor Hyper Intelligent Wireless

Unified Access Device (UAD) deploys ICX20 Series for outdoor wirelessICC Networking's Unified Access Device Series Provides Intelligent Wireless in the Age of Internet-of-Things

The ICC ICX20UAD is a multi-purpose access device designed for a variety of complex environments, IP data requirements, and network configuration requirements. ?The ICX embedded software allows for optional routing capability, Firewall, and a variety of streaming methods via QoS. ?Designed with an internal antenna, the ICX20UAD also supports external antennas for 2.4GHz or 5GHz clients.
Unified Access Device (UAD) series of all wireless indoor and outdoor networking platforms, fits the needs of expanding mobility networks seeking greater IP data control of content, security, and flexibility. Designed as one of the only semi-open wireless platforms, UADs can be traditionally managed by SNMP or by a service provider?s system. As providers deliver more services, ICC Networking enables them to access many our platforms for integration into their service systems. This allows for greater integration, control and service options by mobility providers.

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