The ICC Networking team of sales engineers designed a special program for our current and future clients. This team of specialist leveraged their past shared experiences to put forth a program to education future clients about how our solution works, why it works,?and what the expectations are prior to the client receiving the evaluation. This helps us better train new partners, reduce client time spent in testing, and greatly improves the overall test experience.
The business relationship between ICC and our channel partners is a progressive and supportive one, focusing on Vision, Tools and Value. The Deep Dive Program is aimed at empowering our valued channel business partners to create effective growth strategies for themselves and their customers.

There are a number of key objectives to creating a successful program for our business partners. These include:

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Better Cost

  • Fewer components
  • Reduces complexity which reduces training, management, and investment costs
  • “As-needed” deployment
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More Features

  • Better features enable more content control
  • Optimization with features reduces cost
  • Increase per use/device ROI
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More Flexibility

  • Evolve routing, security
  • Controller clustering for onsite/offsite use
  • Central or local management