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ICCN has a new interface

Designed for the activeARC® Cloud Management System (CMS), the new interface provides easier access to Wi-Fi network details, connected users, security as well as numerous tools and analytics. The interface makes it simpler to find network details while providing the user with more content, features, and flexibility. Users now have the ability to set up more security, groups, and device tracking options. Designed with the user in mind, the new CMS interface adds even more value to an already rich platform within the ICCN Framework.

At ICC Networking we believe that quality is the result of ensuring excellent resources and providing ongoing training to our teams in order to sustain the highest level of performance. We view quality under two distinct systems, one being the human interface leading to quality and the other are the systems and processes leading to continuous improvement in delivery levels.

We appreciate your confidence and validate that trust with the best support in the industry.

Product Support

End User RMA Process

End users must contact technical support to troubleshoot their product before an RMA can be issued. Once tech support determines the product to be defective, a case number will be issued to the customer and he/she will be put in contact with customer service. There are two options for obtaining a replacement product:

When the setup of the RMA is complete, the customer will receive an email with the RMA number and ship-to information for the defective product. The email also provides a link to the our RMA Lookup website where the customer can track the status of their RMA.

Product Firmware


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