Intelligent networking creates opportunity and flexibility

X-to-the-edge Ethernet switching delivers what you need when you need it from an ICCN networked core to the edge of the deployment.

Our powerful and high-performance switches provide advanced traffic control capabilities, as well as security, mobility, and flexibility to bring intelligence to any network.  Ethernet switches feature Layer 3 management and routing from core to edge to enable complete and layered routing protocols where and when you need them.

Need to deliver next-gen smart building fiber and lighting controls?  ICCN’s X-to-the-Edge concepts provide options for a full AC, DC, or mixed ecosystem, a full fiber to the edge for a managed DC fiber option while providing up to Universal Power over Ethernet (UPOE) options for delivery of 60- or 90-watt power options to end devices.

ICCN intelligence is standard for all Ethernet switches

activeARC® Ethernet switch OS is designed for ease of use across all platforms to ensure seamless migration between locations, clients, and connectivity environments. All ICCN’s Ethernet switches feature Layer 3 to the edge, 802.1x, ACL, PoE+, and many other features that set a standard for the most advanced and feature-rich product line in the industry

The advanced features and multiple 10G SFP+ performance characteristics make it ideal for high-density MDF or IDF environments, it also delivers high performance along with providing security, mobility, and the flexibility required for an intelligent wireless edge network.

WP8 and WP24 SMB Switches

Intelligent PoE+ SMB Managed Ethernet Switches

WP8 – Layer 2 Managed Ethernet Switch

  • 8 Port 1G PoE
  • 2 Port SFP
  • 270W PoE+
  • Silent Fan

WP24 – Layer 2 Managed Ethernet Switch

  • 24 Port 1G PoE
  • 4 Port 10G SFP+
  • 450W PoE+
  • 4 Silent Fans

Intelligent Layer 3 Aggregation Ethernet Switches

WP6012-8POE – Layer 3

  • 8 Port 1G
  • 4 Port 1G SFP
  • 250W PoE+
  • Silent Fan

WX7028-410G-XL – Layer 3

  • 24 Port 1G
  • 4 Port 10G SFP+
  • 450W PoE+
  • 4 Silent Fans

WX7052-410G-XL – Layer 3

  • 48 Port 1G
  • 4 Port 10G SFP+
  • 960W PoE+
  • Silent Fan

High Density and Core Ethernet Switches


  • 8 Port 1G
  • 12 Port 10G SFP+
  • Jumbo Frame 16k
  • 256Gbps


  • 32 Port 10G SFP+
  • Packet Filter L2-L7
  • Jumbo Frame 12k
  • 640Gbps

Industrial, Fiber, and Power Ethernet Switches

WP6005IND-4POE – Unmanaged

  • 4 Port 1G
  • 1 Port SFP
  • 120W PoE+
  • DC Power

WP6008UPOE-4G – Layer 3

  • 8 Port 1G
  • 4 1G SFP
  • 720W PoE++
  • DC Power