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WGS Family of Partners


Dedicated to the Channel, Focused on the Technology


The ICC Partner Program is designed to ensure our Certified Partners are empowered with tools that enable business growth and expansion into new technologies while acknowledging each of our partners? business models and individual paths for success. Some of the benefits to partnering with ICC include:


  • Balanced cost Technology Partnership for quick ROI
  • Technical and Sales Trainings
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • FREE LAN Design Assistance to assist your employees
  • Public Sector discounts
  • Bid Protection

Current News

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Partner News

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Current Promotions

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Deal Registration

Deal registration allows partners the ability to protect the ICC deals they work on. ICC believes that if you work the deal, you should win the deal, and you should make a profit as well.

Please fill in the registration details below and your dedicated White Glove Service manager will contact you shortly.


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Joint Marketing

Reach new client, invite existing ones, and expand into new markets with ICC’s joint marketing programs. Designed to help partners with customized content, branding, and value positioning, ICC’s marketing department ensure dedicated support for all your efforts.

Marketing support

ICC Design Assistance Program

Design Assistance

Technicians are available to assist you with product suggestions, RFPs, and other pre-sales activities to support your internal process. As an extension of your organization, we lower your costs by providing additional resources to help generate sales.

Technology support