Specialized Wireless

TV Whitespace and CBRS

In 2015, FCC authorized the use of the 3.5 GHz band (3550 MHz to 3700 MHz) for shared wireless access, opening up previously protected spectrum used by the US Navy and other DoD members.

While the radio interface is the same as LTE in the licensed spectrum or in the unlicensed 5 GHz band, the difference with CBRS lies in spectrum assignment.

To use CBRS spectrum, one must individually request and be assigned a band by a Spectrum Allocation Server (SAS) programmatically. The SAS calculates RF density and channel availability using terrain and radio propagation data before authorizing the request.

Also, when the use of the spectrum is no longer required, the channel is freed up for use by other requesters.

FCC Rules Part 96 further defines three levels of priority access in descending order for assigning the use of the CBRS spectrum:

Spectrum Graph

ResiRouter CBRS CPE

1Port LAN
Bands: B42, B43,B48
Max Power: 23dBm
3GPP R. 12
Cat. 15, TDD 2
10dBi Internal Antenna
4×4 MIMO

ResiRouter CBRS

2 Port 1G LAN
802.11 WLAN
Bands: B42, B43,B48
Max Power: 23dBm
3GPP R. 12
Cat. 15, TDD 2
5dBi Internal Antenna
4×4 MIMO

ResiRouter Mobile CBRS

1 Port USB2.0
Bands: B42, B43,B48
Max Power: 23dBm
3GPP R. 10/11
Cat. 7, TDD 2
3dBi Internal Antenna
2×2 MIMO



UHF and VHF spectrum wireless technology designed for last mile delivery of communications

Network Advantage

RaptorXR’s embedded network engine enables deployment of any network architecture ranging from system critical single-link multi-point networks to multi-link and ad-hoc peer-to-peer mesh systems. Multi-channel bonding and user-defined redundancy schemes maintain network QoS and reliability. Additional capabilities include channel and link bonding to enhance throughput and reliability. RaptorXR’s proprietary time-division multiple access technology enables SCADA and data monitoring and control systems to tailor RaptorXR’s performance to their particular needs.

  • Average of 30-mile range, coverage, and penetration for urban and in particular rural settings
  • Superior RF reach and coverage in non-line of sight (NLOS) environments
  • Spectrum Agility and OFDM waveform capability increases throughput and
    avoids on-air interference
  • Scalable payload capacity to respond to coverage and capacity demands
  • RaptorXR’s patented Spectrum Management Engine, authorized FCC
  • Database vendors, to assure continuous link reliability


6dBi Dual-omni

12dBi Omni

12dBi Dual-omni

24dBi Dual-omni
Directional Dish

11dBi Dual-omni
8 Connector
4 x 2.5GHz
4 x 5GHz