Delivering intelligence and management to the SMB

Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) have historically been the unfortunate cousin of enterprise IP data networking. Relegated to unmanaged infrastructures, SMBs typically had few options that drove optimization, visibility, and more thoughtful return-on-investment schemes. The advent of 802.11 wireless technology didn?t change this paradigm but exacerbated it with the deployment of poor access points that were little more than glorified RF antennas that were just shy of disposable.
ICCN changes this pattern of neglect for SMB IP data content with the launch of the Unified Access Device (UAD) platform. The UAD solutions provide intelligent data networking options to connect wired or wireless, routing, firewall, DHCP, Policy, Content, Forwarding, and a variety of other features and modes to that enable SMB control of data in the age of the Internet of Things.

SMBs have three options for the use of UADs:

  1. Intelligent standalone wireless devices
  2. icXmanager Smart Cloud Management
  3. Open system architecture that allows for third party control
Small business can enjoy the benefits of enterprise data networks

Smart Value

These Unified Access Devices leverage software to drive flexibility – all while reducing mobile edge cost in a time of growing Internet of Things (IoT). Handling more devices with greater network control will drive client adoption.

Patented Value

Policy-based and software-driven features begin with ICCN’s patent-pending icXengine that ensures voice, video, and data services based on client or provider requirements.

SMB growth in the age of IoT

Analysts estimate that of the over 7 million SMBs in the US and those that adapt to new technologies are 18% more likely to project revenue increases.? However, most SMBs are confused with the overwhelming amount of new tools, apps, and devices that are supposed to help them expand their business.? The one area that isn?t advancing as much has been the data network. SMBs typically find themselves with either unmanaged, supposedly-free, entry-level cloud managed systems or high-end overpriced options that don?t fit their needs.
Issues to Overcome: SMB needs tend to be driven by two primary factors: lack of capital and experience to manage more complex IT infrastructures that can be leveraged for growth.?? ICCN addresses these issues with the UAD suite of wireless solutions designed with highly flexible features, the easy to use icXmanager Smart Cloud system, and a Lifetime Warranty with local 24/7 technical support that helps partners leverage all features and capabilities of the system.
Enabling SMB growth: ICCN solutions not only bridge the gap for SMBs to grow their business by leveraging technology that enables better controls, but we?re able to establish a long term value justification for our service partners seeking for better mechanism with which to manage their many SMB end clients.

UAD Flexibility

SMB growth is dependent of how flexible their ecosystems are to change.? The SMB?s constant state of flux requires IP data intelligence that can be as elastic as their businesses are.? ICCN?s UAD solutions are flexible and then some.
Mode Control UADs look like standard wireless access points with advanced features, but that?s where the comparisons stop.? These devices enable user environments to morph with client needs based on type (routing, client, ap, firewall, and beacon); moreover, each outdoor/indoor device enable clients to ?see? their complete ecosystems, providing the ability to manually or dynamically adjust to the IP environment.
Content Control is at the core of the UAD systems.? The ability to understand data and adjust using our patent-pending icXengine, to ensure packets are delivered become central to ensuring efficiency and performance for any SMB.

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